Physical debit card transactions to a pot


The iOS Monzo app has been updated to somehow allow physical card transactions to be assigned to a pot (if I have understood this correctly) but I can’t see a way of doing this.

Is my understanding correct and/or does this only apply to new physical card transactions?

I see that I can allocate virtual card transactions to a pot but the app update “seems to imply” that physical card transactions can have this as well.


Once you open a pot, as a plus or premium user you can also create a virtual card within that pot, and then anything you spend from that virtual card via Apple Pay or google pay will come solely from that pot.

It doesn’t work for physical card transactions I’m afraid, though I believe an app called IFTTT you can set up similar actions, albeit limited.


Only virtual cards can come from a pot.

Add your virtual card to Google or Apple Pay and then it’s kind of like a physical card that you can use when you’re out and about :slight_smile:

Edit: Beaten to it! :smiley:


I would do that but it wouldn’t work everywhere (supermarkets are OK but pay-at-pump is a no-no as they want a physical card, grrr!).

Thanks for the replies though!

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You could add the virtual card and pay in store via contactless which will come from the pot. At present it is £45 but some time in October the limit will increase to £100 maximum across all banks.

Those limits don’t apply to Google Pay. Not sure about Apple Pay because I don’t use it :slight_smile:

You just need to unlock your phone. I’ve done over £300 with mine.

True but pay-at-pump is much more convenient and in a petrol X5, the £45 limit is a tad too low :grinning:

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Each retailer still has a floor limit for “secure” contactless so the fuel station will need to have enabled a higher limit for biometric contactless.

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I don’t believe that’s true and certainly not in my experience when I use Google Pay exclusively. I think there is a topic on here that explains it all from someone who works at Monzo too.

For physical cards it is true - but if the merchant accepts Google Pay then the limit doesn’t apply.

The £100 contactless limit before you need to authenticate with chip and PIN also doesn’t apply to Google Pay.


No, but in store terminals will be adjusted to accept over £45 is my point

You’ve been lucky at the places you’ve been. Tesco I believe is capped £45 regardless of method.

I explained that above, I don’t believe it applies :slight_smile:

Not true in my experience also. We go almost bi-weekly and spend over £100.

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Strange. They must have changed it within the last few weeks then. Me nor my partner could purchase my switch via digital wallet in store. Both Apple and google pay respectively.

Maybe store specific, but it definitely did not accept more than £45 and multiple forums online confirm.

Yeah maybe or type of store (superstore, convenience etc), age of store etc :man_shrugging:

I’m not sure our Chester store took up the £45 increase for months after it was introduced, I will try milk my shop more than £45 and test it next time.

No pun.


I was curious and thought I might have been going crazy, so I Googled it :laughing: Seems to have been around quite a while… but could also be tied to the recent £45 increase :man_shrugging:

Which also explains why your Nintendo Switch was declined as it was likely over £250

They don’t have this at ours for sure :joy: