Help us test joint accounts in the US!

(PS> @Peter_G what’s with shrunk-font? Need a boost?)


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Did anyone get any update???

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Maybe something with a split in the middle and two different colors.


I’ll play devil’s advocate on the card design.

Others have mentioned the two tone card Simple used for joint accounts, I liked this as well; but I wonder how it would look with Hot Coral? It worked for Simple because they used a muted shade of blue so it would be complementary rather than clashing.

I wouldn’t be opposed to this direction but what comes to my mind might be simpler… what about reversing the colors? You could have the Monzo word mark and joint label (or M logo) in Hot Coral (or any of the other Monzo colors on a white background?


I’ve said this before, but this really reminds me of the best Monzo card design that never was:


Just sent out some email updates, so check your inbox if you haven’t already :e-mail:

Essentially, we passed a BIG milestone with some legal and regulatory work :briefcase: so we’re nearly there with opening up the beta testing! :soon:


A split color design is definitely a neat idea and an easy way to tell cards apart :eyes::memo:

And thank you @jonathandugan for the suggestion! We’ve also floated around this idea so great minds think alike :brain:

Something like this, maybe:


Paging @davidwalton !


That is the dogs :star_struck:

If this was a JOINT account Metal card available on a JOINT account (even if only with a JA Plus/Premium tier :eyes:) - wow.

Makes me wanna move back west…


Thanks Denise. Received the email. Look forward to testing the joint account feature.


BIG news :newspaper_roll:

We finally got the greenlight! :vertical_traffic_light: We’re slowly letting beta testers in and will be sending out additional emails in the next few weeks on how to open a joint account. So keep an eye out for an email from me :eyes:

Remember both you and your future joint account co-owner need to be signed up for Monzo. You need your own personal accounts to sign up for a joint account.


Super exciting news! Is there any way we can check progress/how close we are to bring let in to the beta? Genuinely can’t explain how much me and my girlfriend have been looking forward to this feature, trying to plan for the new year together and eager to get going with this joint account!

Merry Christmas and happy new year! :relaxed:


Most of our team are away for Christmas/New Year’s holiday period, so it’s been a slower than normal process. Can confirm both you and your girlfriend are on the list though! I imagine once our team returns from holiday (1st/2nd weeks of Jan), we’ll be able to let more of you in :partying_face:


Is there a rough timeline? Like, will there be a rolling rollout of new beta users over several months, or will everyone who’s on the list get onboarded as the team can get to form submissions?

Trying not to get my hopes up :sweat_smile:


Oh man , me and my wife can’t wait for the email. We used to live in the uk and monzo was our everyday card to use . Everything was easier with Monzo. Come on guys send us the emails already :stuck_out_tongue:

Also for the design , it will be cool if you keep the 2 little dots that the uk joint account has engraved on the card!


Great question, Caleb, we definitely plan on being quicker than several months! It’s mostly dependent on what kind of bugs you find in beta testing :mag: There is a current one that our engineers would prefer to have fixed before letting more people in so not everyone gets stuck by the same thing.

Most of our team is just returning from holiday this week, so we’ll be able to go faster and turn this feature on for everyone on the list really soon! :rocket:


I am so excited to receive the invite to test joint account. :smiley:

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We just turned this feature on for those of you on the waitlist :partying_face:

You should’ve received an email from me with the subject: “Welcome to Monzo joint accounts beta! :us:”. In case the email gets buried in your inbox (don’t feel bad, it happens!), the same info can also be found in our latest blog post: Help us test joint accounts

A couple of common bugs we’re working to resolve :bug:

Bug: unable to add joint account card to Apple Pay from the app
Workaround: once your card arrives in the mail, activate the card in-app and the “add to Apple Pay” button will work

Bug: no “JOINT” identifier on the card in your digital wallet
Workaround: the last 4 digits of the card number should still appear and be different

You can provide feedback directly to us using the feedback form in the app (tap the message in your transaction feed), or feel free to also post here if you have any questions or feedback!

We’re in good hands with @while-loop leading us! :muscle:


Can anybody fly this thing?