Shared / Joint Accounts

Simple refugee here, was hoping Monzo would be a good replacement, but my wife and I require a joint / shared account. Any idea when this would be implemented? Thanks!

Hi Anthony & welcome :wave:

I’m all apologies for this response which is almost pointless, but as a :monzo: Joint account user in the UK - I can’t confirm what is available with the Joint/Shared account implementation with Monzo US accounts.

Happy to go over Joint/Shared details (using the currently available features in the UK as a reference) though!

Support got back with me. No joint / shared accounts in the US :disappointed:

Thanks for the update, even if it wasn’t the best outcome.

We’ll get there eventually :smiley:

I hope so! The race between Monzo and Envel to see who will become my Simple replacement has begun! Haha best of luck!


Just signed up and got my card today. Also looking for a simple bank alternative as they are shutting down. Joint accounts are also a must for my wife and myself.

Is there any sort of ETA or event an indication as to whether this will/could ever be a thing? I signed up just assuming it must support joint accounts, because who doesn’t? This is a deal breaker for me.

I’m right there with you! Until Monzo can support joint accounts, I won’t make the full switch.

+1 my wife and I used a shared Simple account for household expenses and personal Simple accounts for discretionary spending. With Monzo US in it’s current state, we can move our discretionary accounts over but need to use an alternate bank for shared expenses. Its a real bummer. Willing to wait though as long its on their roadmap – which it seems to be!

You can upvote this idea on their Trello board (not sure how much that board is used/monitored thought):

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I really like how Simple did/does is. Each one starts with an individual account, and has one shared account. Of course there are two debit cards but Monzo could maybe satisfy this with virtual cards.

At least for my wife and I, we’d need cards for both joint and personal accounts. We use our shared cards in person far more frequently than our individual cards.