Help us improve social payment features 🙏🏼

It would be good too if you include improved naming in Payments and the Feed plus profile pictures within this project as that needs some much needed love.


Please also add the ability to split payments made using the Monzo Flex card directly !

I am going on a trip soon with some friends and everyone has Monzo but my cousin doesn’t. His account was blocked and he has tried to contact Monzo to open an account but has had no response for more than a year now. I am wondering if I create a shared tab for the trip am I able to add someone who is not on Monzo to the tab, similar to how it appears on split payments?

@Sarah-Bee Have you seen this?:

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Better share splits for people without Monzo. I get that Monzo’s interests lie in getting everyone on Monzo, but not everyone wants to move over just to satisfy someone else’s mild inconvenience when they just bank transfer instead of using I understand the team recently added Apple Pay support, for which I’m grateful, you’ve made the person who doesn’t have Monzo’s experience better.

However, for the person that does have Monzo, it still kinda sucks.

  • You start a bill split, and get given a list of phone contacts on Monzo, and an upsell to get others on Monzo. It’s not immediately obvious that you can tap ‘Next’, to just share links non-Monzo users.
  • Then, you’re given the option to add “Friend 1”, “Friend 2”, etc. Okay, but who’s who? I don’t want to have to remember that James is Friend 1, Emily is Friend 2, etc etc. Give me a note textbox for each participant.
  • Then, you tap confirm, aaand, it drops you back to the transaction page. The buttons to “Share Payment Links” appear, but it’s not a immediately obvious CTA. It seems like there should be another page in the flow that’s missing, and there’s no indication who you’ve already sent the link to.
  • And when I recieve the payment, it still shows “Friend 1”(!!), of course I can tap into it and see the name, but it should just be there.

Pictures show a thousand words, so here’s my “novice designer tries and redesign apps in their lunch break” version


This please - being able to input names would be really useful, especially now that payment of the link is tracked automatically !