Help - I followed an advert

I saw your advertisement on Snapchat that you’re offering people 500 pound in cash if you join and get your card sent to a certain address?
I did this but I’m curious how I will get my cash since it’s been around 50 days since I emailed you the account login aswell

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Erm I don’t believe that was a advert, by any chance do you mean someone told you too as in a person as I’m 100% sure this is someone being fraudulent wanting your account to launder money.

Update: you might want to check your credit file


That will be a fraudster wanting you to open an account so they can use it for money laundering

This is illegal. Don’t do it




100% a scam. Why would you post your bank card to someone else.

Report it immediately to Monzo.


50 days? Your credit file could be the least of your problems… I’d be checking for CIFAS markers…


You have to wonder why money mules are so common when they are doing their best to get arrested

@AlanDoe you might want to look at this thread



i didnt know I’m 24 and have learning difficulties I thought it was a offer to join. how do I sign in since I got told to change my email and when I reset the password it says its not a valid account


what I didnt apply for a credit card why do I need to check my credit file how do I even do it?

You won’t be able to sign in because you gave the scammers your login details.

Call or email Monzo and they’ll help you.

@natalieledward is this something you can help with please?


If your account has been used for fraud, which it 100% has, then you will probably be banned from making any credit applications with anyone for 6 years

You also will probably find it difficult to get a bank account


You’re credit file is free. You don’t need to have a credit card.

They’re sites such as credit karma or ClearScore. I recommend both

Does @monzo work as a tag to tag the staff?


im going to ring you to do explain better

waiting for someone to answer

We are all customers here

Definitely call Monzo or email them. The quicker you get in touch then the better chance they have of stopping fraud


Can you outline what you did?

Did you just order the card & get it sent to a different address? Where was this advert? What other information did you provide?

As much info you can give now can help guide you what is best to do - in addition to what’s been said above.


Keep on the phone, don’t be tempted to hang up please as It’s quite an important situation you’ve gotten yourself into as the person could be doing anything with the account.

The account will probably be frozen instantly while you’re on the phone and gone through some security.

Contact action fraud too.

From what I read, OP sent his Monzo card to a different address. as in, he had the card, sent it to the “sign up address”,then emailed over his account login details.

I already smell a bit of BS, unless you also fowarded the magic link Monzo email you when you sign in from a new device, it tells you in no uncertain terms not to email that to anyone…

That’s not how I read it … let’s wait & see. I believe they changed the email to a different one - removing access to the account. Not giving their email details away