Card arrived a day early!

(George) #1

Hi from London!

I’m already a keen Apply Pay user. I had stopped checking my Mondo queue position, then blam! I was pleased to see a notification on my iPhone saying I had entered the Beta on Monday, card would be with me by Wednesday. Arrived yesterday, so I’m ready to make my first purchase and open up the app!

I’m 25 working in tech, in fact the Mondo office is only up the road from me, would it be too forward to come and say hi?!

(Bailey Kursar) #2

We’d love to meet you! I’m looking into the possibility of hosting some open hours/lunches - I’ll add you to the list :smiley:

PS if anyone else fancies this let me know :wink:

(Rika Raybould) #3

Me! Not a lot going on after the end of this month. :grinning:

(Charlie) #4

I would love to visit :mondo: HQ!

(Matthew Lynch) #5

I’m up for this, just a few stops down from you on the tube

(Jesse) #6

I’m nearby in London too, so I’d be down.


Although I’m not London based - with some notice, I’d be interested in this.


I’m game, would be nice to see how others are using their cards and chat with the team.


Would be great to see the geniuses behind :mondo: :wink:

(Dave) #10

+1 for me please! Always up for a visit

(Will Stanley) #11

Would love to come and say hello.