Heathrow T2 car park m/c

I’m sure I’m Supposed to post this somewhere else, but I can’t figure out where or how from my phone -
sorry. The car park machines at Heathrow Terminal 2 simply say debit MasterCard not accepted.

Say where? On a sticker or the machine actually says that on screen?

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Good question. First I tried contactless but nothing happened. That could be because it wasn’t working, I suppose. So I inserted the card and that’s the message that came up on the screen. The little screen by the keypad, that is. So I tried one of my Barclays credit cards and that worked.

Well I imagine everyone knows this but you can report merchants who don’t accept a MasterCard at https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/consumers/get-support/report-problem-shopping.html#contentpar_text

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Always a problem with cards that are either Visa or Mastercard. I try to have one of each. The main reason I got a Monzo card is that my Revolut (Visa) card wasn’t accepted in French auto service petrol stations and my friend’s Monzo was.

I always try to encourage people when travelling to have at least three cards with no foreign transaction fees on at least three different networks… because stuff like this happens. More than once I’ve had to play the game of ‘just start handing over cards until one works’.

It’s not a fun game to play but it’s always the time I’m glad I have upwards of eight different cards across brands, payment processors, networks, and product types. The only two major networks I might need that I’m missing is JCB and a Maestro card. :eyes:

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Worked today. Reporting to Mastercard must have helped.


Do you have an ICBC London UnionPay card? I’m thinking of opening one of those, and wondering how they’ve been?

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