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Just a question that I don’t desperately need an answer to - but I was just wondering. Does anyone know why Monzo uses MasterCard for debit cards rather than the usual Visa? It makes me wonder whether some retailers that don’t accept credit cards would actually believe it’s a debit card.

I’ve seen pictures of a previous version of the card, which did say ‘debit’ just above the MasterCard logo, but that’s disappeared.

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I have cards from four different accounts and they are all MasterCard Debit cards, haven’t had a Visa card in years!

The status of a card is shown in the hologram on the back of the card. When checking a card the retailer can see if it is debit or credit when they tilt it.

While Aldi or Lidl initially accepted only debit not credit (in England, as in Wales they accepted both) I do tend to find most shops if they accept cards they tend to accept both debit and credit rather than just one of them.

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Interesting. I have/have had loads of debit cards with various different banks and they’re all Visa. But they’re the mainstream, bigger banks, so I wonder if that’s anything to do with it.

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a post from a while ago giving a brief reason that MasterCard are more helpful to Monzo


Without going into a list of banks it is becoming more common. I don’t know if you regard TSB as a big high street bank, but they were one of the latest to swap.

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Useful to know, thanks Ian!

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Mastercard is better IMO coz free travel Fridays (hopefully they come back)

Airport Lounge Access

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Looks interesting but seems to not like Monzo - website doesn’t accept my card number? Also strangely app isn’t available for me via the Play Store to any of my phones (geo-locked? my android versions etc are fine)

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I think it is still US only

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You need to have one of a specific range of MasterCards; namely Elite Mastercards, that are only issues by certain banks, I think N26 do one, as a debit card, but missing some of the features.

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Yeah that’s how I found it, through N26

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Why would I want to be Elite when I can be Hot Coral?


I just googled “Hot Coral” and was taken aback by the top search results… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Anyone for some tube socks :eyes:


It did not come up when I searched with Bing, that showed mainly bikinis and women’s cycle shorts! Google always seems to display the urban dictionary and there is always some crap in that, that’s the real problem with wiki like pages

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