Headphone Chat


Anyway, I should be out enjoying the rain, good chat.

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(Leon) #22

Yeah it was great to have a chin wag with you.

Wait what? Enjoy the rain?



Been pissing it down here, fabulous after a few weeks of 30deg

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(Leon) #24

I totally understand! Have fun! :grin:

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(Richard Cook) #25


I’ve moved your posts from the Starling Feedback thread to keep that thread tidy.

Please continue the conversation here… :headphones:


(Splodf) #26

Sorry to dig up an thread but seems the most suitable place…

Did anyone back the Ora headphones on Kickstarter?

I did, are they in with an chance of being the first item I’m 100% happy with!?

Here’s there IGG trailer: https://youtu.be/496zd2EFWJU

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(Leon) #27

Nah I saw the price and that put me off. I do really like the almost flat frequency response of the Ora, colour me impressed at this point.

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(Leon) #28

Has anyone used a pair of Pump Audio Mix Duo earphones? If so what do you think of them?