Having rubbish experience trying to set up business account

I have had an absolute nightmare trying to set up a Monzo business account.

So far…
2. After 3 days application was declined - not given a reason
3. Tried to work out why - We are a service-based software developer in the UK only dealing with UK payments only. Have read the criteria carefully, we tick all the boxes.
4. Applied for Tide as a backup, they pointed out that our SIC code on companies house does not well match what we do
5. Updated our SIC code with companies house
6. Asked Monzo support explicitly if a new application would go through the full review process (as I think it may be this SIC issue that flagged for tide), they said it would be reviewed properly.
7. Spent 10 mins applying again, instantly get declined (despite what I was promised by Monzo)
8. Monzo support not even replying to me now

Anyone else dealt with anything similar? Help, please.

Maybe you weren’t declined for the reason you think? And because you’ve reapplied there’s no need to check everything again, regardless of the SIC change because that isn’t the issue.

Whether it is or isn’t, you probably won’t ever find out, Monzo won’t tell you why and nobody here can help either unfortunately.

So why did it take 3 days initially? Where is the human check required?

It’s more that they said it would be reviewed as it was before, I genuinely cant think why it would be anything else. I have friend’s that run companies with exactly the same profile (as far as the pertinent questions are concerned) and they have been fine.

Contact them in chat and see what else they can do, nothing anyone here can do other than speculate about your application.

If a bank treated me like this on application, I’d look elsewhere, because it doesn’t auger well for the future relationship.

I applaud your tenacity, though.


Talking of tenacity:

Bravo, that anarchist.


It doesn’t usually, so something was flagged for a more thorough check.

Support probably just gave you the answer they thought you wanted to hear. I don’t think you’ll have much luck convincing them to look again.

Starling do business accounts or stick with Tide.

One of my little bugbears with Monzo is the hiding of contact details. I see it as my duty to advertise them as widely as possible.


That’s exactly what Monzo hope people here will do and as long as it happens they won’t change it

I beg to differ (slightly).

Monzo would like people here to help with non account specific questions. I will do that on occasion, but my default answer is to advise people to contact Monzo.

Monzo seek to reduce customer contact, I seek to increase it (albeit by a tiny amount).

Our contact details are within our FAQ’s on the website! :relaxed:

They are, but chat is hidden in the app, so people end up here.

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I did have the chat button for a couple of weeks but it’s been thrown back into searching the FAQ to get to it. No idea why it came back for a short period of time or why it’s run away again. 🤷

They are, if you can wait days for an email to be answered or want to wait several rounds of 20 minutes on the phone, being cut off. But if you want quick support, you either see chat or you don’t and you can either message them out of hours or you can’t. Complete luck of the draw and it’s unacceptable. That’s what should be addressed, not the availability of contact methods that are actively discouraged by Monzo

Yes, very true – but by driving them here, they hope that some of those questions, which may end up in chat otherwise, will be answered here.


Not all heroes wear capes.

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One of the things which always surprises me is when we have high chat wait times how many people manage to self solve the problem while they’re waiting.

Of course you still need to reply to them to check it’s being resolved - but it does show that some friction helps. Obviously high wait times is not the sort of friction we’d like to see!

And not all cape wearers are heroes!


But is the friction you want sending people off on a wild goose chase to find the chat button (and then maybe self serve)? It seems that people first look for chat button, come here, we send them off to the app, they still generate a chat query then they try to self-serve, making the contact redundant.

Better self-serve and a hand-holding bot is the answer, not hiding the button on the bottom of the ocean