Rejected for a business account?

Hi. For some strange reason I was rejected for a business account. I have a personal account already,
It’s a simple business. I am a freelance graphic designer. I work from home. Sole trader. It’s as straight forward as it gets.

What could be the reasons for my rejection?


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Is there anything on the eligibility checker that would rule you out?

If not then ask in app in case there was an error in your application (like you ticked the box that you’re selling lasers). They might not be able to tell you but worth asking

I’ve read that list thoroughly and there is 100% nothing I do that could be an issue. I literally just make pretty pictures for people at home on my Mac. Nothing dodgy in any way, shape or form.
I’m in the U.K
Are my projected earnings too low or something?

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How does one ask in app? I see no support or chat button.

I’ve spotted the help section. Sorry about that.

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If the help article doesn’t have a link then search ‘contact’ and that’ll take you to chat


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I believe you can ask them to look again, and that there is a specific email address for this (it’s on the forum somewhere, but I can’t find it right now).

As to the possible reasons, it could be anything, really. Maybe there was some check they performed which didn’t totally add up for some reason. Maybe you made an error in the application. Maybe they just don’t like the cut off your jib.

All we can do here is speculate, but you can probably do that yourself.

I have chatted to them in real time. Absolutely zero explanation given. I am the only freelance designer I know who has been rejected by them.
Terrible service.
I asked if it was related to a credit check. Wouldn’t answer. My credit is good too.
This is strange. Any theories?
I will be going elsewhere obviously and my YouTube review won’t be positive.

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We could be guessing endlessly. I doubt Monzo will reverse their decision over the threat of a negative YouTube review either, so personally I’d just move on.

What good are theories?

They took a decision they were entitled to take and we’ll never know why. The best thing to do for your own sake is just to move on and find somewhere that will meet your needs.

Terrible service? Not really in my opinion, they haven’t offered you a service at all. It’s just a business decision that is annoying and inconvenient.


Honestly move on.

There are plenty of banks that offer self employed/freelance business accounts.

I really don’t understand the people that get angry because one bank won’t offer them an account. No business is required to do business with anybody it doesn’t want to for any reason


Then you lack empathy

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I would like it on public record that I did not threaten them with a bad review. I was simply saying that’s what I will be doing.

I lack empathy because I don’t understand people who get angry because a business that has a choice as to who it does business with chooses not to do business with someone…… OK if you say so.

I don’t see how that changes anything?

They have the right to refuse anyone be that personal or business.

Its the same with them closing people’s accounts, they don’t need to give a reason.

Its the same with any business, they don’t need to give a reason.

The Starling Business account would be my next choice that I linked above.

So whilst everyone can be empathetic that it’s frustrating, they can see it’s a case of move on, pick another bank.

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I’m sure your 18 subscribers will watch with intrigue.


Just found your YT. You have 8 subscribers and the most views your videos have ever had is 43 (for a video that isn’t your content) the most views one of your own videos has had is 10.

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You should see his Twitter :joy::joy:

Seems to be angry at a lot of companies


Oh dear a negative review

Monzo won’t discuss why accounts are denied, I’m afraid it’s move on and find an account you can use

I don’t think you’re really in a position to review a service that the supplier has declined to let you try.

Monzo is flawed. Deeply flawed in some areas of its recent past. So are many businesses (and individuals). It can be as frustrating as all heck but revenge via YouTube isn’t exactly the moral high ground either.

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