Have you gone #FullMonzo?


Lack of a joint account is the sticking point preventing my wife and me from going #FullMonzo. We both have Monzo accounts and are very impressed and would love to switch over completely.
A joint bank account is the basis of our whole way of managing our finances and has been for over 40 years. That doesn’t mean we’re not open to new ways of doing things, but it seems to me that for us anything else would be a work-around, not an improvement on the simplicity of a joint account.
So please either come up with a solution that proves me wrong or take this as another vote for a ‘traditional’ joint account.
And keep up the good work - what you’re doing is a breath of fresh air.

(Jorge) #82

Monto Product’s roadmap marks Joint Accounts as near term. So they should be arriving fairly soon https://trello.com/b/9tcaMB4w/monzo-transparent-product-roadmap


Great news. Thanks for the prompt reply.

(Angel ) #84

Hi I’ve had problems with high street banks being unable to open a current account. I opened one with Monzo about month ago and it works fine. Does anyone use it as a main bank account as I am in the boat where I have to get my wages paid there etc and bills , does it all work fine? Thanks, means a lot.

(Marcel Ruhf) #85

Welcome on board :wave:
Yes, I do.
The account comes with everything you’d expect, such as a debit card, support for direct debits, standing orders, CASS and FSCS cover.

(Andrew Ross) #86

Hi Angel - use it as full Bank and no problem at all.

(Jorge) #87

The only big feature missing is deposit cash (and cheques) but Monzo are working to bring it soon!

(Is Santa here yet?) #88

You can do cheques already

(Theo Gregory) #89

I’m excited to do the full switch, but will be waiting until uni is over. The safety net of Barclay’s free £500 student overdraft is the only thing making me keep it open. As soon as I lose that perk, I’m full Monzo all the way :metal:

(Stephen Ward) #90

When you’re in a tight situation financially, it’s sometimes better to go cold turkey and make a serious plan to get things under control, rather than continuing to with options that will put their arm around you and support you with 2nd chance DD presentations, overdrafts, etc.
I think Monzo would be better for you as it will force you to get things together financially.

(Foxy) #91

I’m #FullMonzo and have been for about 3 weeks. Only issue I’ve had it with the HSBC who I used CASS to switch from. All DDs & SOs came over fine and there’s been no problems with these coming out of Monzo. The issue is HSBC say I still owe £1.14 in overdraft interest and haven’t given me a way to pay it. I spoke to them last night and they didn’t have any idea (the only option they came up with is transfer, but that came straight back sue do CASS redirection). They said they’d try and get a £1.14 credit added to my account and see if it closes automatically, but it doesn’t happen I’ll get a call between Friday and Monday to advise me what to do.

(Vic) #92

wont go #FullMonzo until Apple Pay comes…


Now then?

(Vic) #94

It’s still not working for me!!! others in the thread have gotten it this morning :sob:


I’d try again - working for a lot

(Foxy) #96

Creditt went in and the account is now closed :slight_smile:

(Paul) #97

First wage in this morning. I have to say I’m impressed at the speed my employers details got updated. I submitted a request and within about 1min there was a tidier name and logo. Sweet! Excited about trying out Summary feature and seeing if I finally have money left at the end of the month! :rocket:

(Elliot) #98

Got my first salary in yesterday too! Looking forward to my new #FullMonzo life :raised_hands:

(Robin) #99

Full Monzo for about 6 weeks now.

Used the CASS but kept my old account open as a backup (in case some dodgy merchant refuses to accept Monzo).

My only issue so far is the lack of information on direct debits. I have three with very similar names, of which one is old and unused, but I don’t know which to delete it. Happy to see the short timeframe on fixing this though :slight_smile:

Being freelance getting being paid on random days, Summary is basically useless to me (although monthly targets still work nicely), but having the visibility on all of my payments has been really useful.

(Jonathon) #100

Actually I have the same issue. I wonder if Monzo would be able to say which one was last used and then delete the old one?