Have you gone #FullMonzo?


Been ‘Full Monzo’ for over a year now, haven’t had any issues at all. Of course there are some things that you can’t do but most of them are known and in the pipeline.

I still have a legacy account open for this and that and of course it’s always best practice to have more than one network of cards incase the inevitable should happen. But my income, direct debits and daily spending is all done through Monzo.

(Jack) #307

Hi @camy_93

I’ve moved your post here to join others of the same topic. Hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

Personally I’ve been full monzo since April. Had no issues whatsoever. Wish I’d done it sooner to be honest.

(Sacha Zarb) #308

I made the full switch about 3 months ago, the stuff that was missing from the Big List were the things that I wanted to see to happen before committing, especially Apple Pay.

I was pretty comfy with having my main account with First Direct, there an excellent bank, but they are also held back a bit by using the legacy systems of HSBC, and little technical things started to happen which made me think twice about staying with them.

I had been using the Pre Paid version of Monzo as an attempt to check my terrible spending habits, and I like it, but no Apple Pay was always going to be the thing that held me back. Once that was sorted, and a few people who I trusted made the move, including salary being paid in, I had the confidence to go #fullmonzo.

So far, very happy, knowing that Monzo is still on a journey, I feel like I’ve got on at the right point, and the only way is up. Whether I can convince my wife to move is another thing, she’s sold by the free switching goodies, so recently went to M&S Bank for some voucher pre Christmas, (she left TSB post IT failure) and even the joint account seems a step to far for her, so we live in a house with 3 different current account providers. Oh well.

(Ben ) #309

I went full Monzo about 7/8 months ago. At first I was very skeptical about a relatively new bank that was, compared to the high street options, relatively unproven. I dipped my toe in the water over a year ago now, but still had a Santander card which I used for all major purchases and received my income in. Used Monzo as a savings account mostly.

Then I had a bit of a disagreement with Santander over some charges to my account, which were unjustified. Continued to have disagreements with them but remained there for another three months. That was until I saw that I could switch my current account to Monzo, I loved the UI and knew it was something I had to do.

Ever since I’ve only had one account. The only thing that bugged me was that I deal quite heavily in cash (I do cash in hand jobs outside of regular employment) so I was having to give my S.O all of the cash, she had to deposit it in the bank and then transfer it to me. This bugged me massively…until recently, where now I can transfer via PayPoint (I know there’s a limit, but until that limit is hit, it’ll be a damn sight easier).

I have a Business Debit with Lloyds still, purely because Monzo doesn’t offer one. But the recent thread in here regarding a business account excites me (and I will most definitely be moving if they create one).

(Daniel Parvin) #310

I haven’t gone #FullMonzo yet, but, I’ve almost have. Daft as it sounds, but my Halifax account pays me £3 per month for my salary to go into it, so I take that (plus the £125 for switching to them). Once I’ve been paid, I transfer most of the money to Monzo and use that during the month.

(Paul Livingstone) #311

Both my partner and I are on our way to #FullMonzo. Our salaries will be paid into our joint Monzo account (we call this account ‘Jonzo’ to avoid confusion :grin:) next month. From there we then pay our individual Monzo accounts a monthly spend for lunches and daily expenses. It’s working pretty well so far.

Most bills have been moved across from our joint “BIGBANK” account although as there is no joint account switch service available from Monzo, we’ve had to move most of these across manually… which has been pretty tedious, to be honest.

This week I found that I’m the first employee at my organisation (a medium sized Scottish Local Authority) to get my salary paid to a Monzo account. My partner and I are also the first customers in our area to pay Council Tax payments via a Monzo account too. So that’s quite interesting.

(Morty) #312

I’m in the process of going #fullmonzo at the moment, with a final date for the process due to be next Monday.

It took me a while to get there, but once I made the decision to leave Barclays, I’ve been very excited about getting everything up and running fully with Monzo.

For what it’s worth, my main reasons for switching were:

  • Introduction of savings pots by Monzo
  • The interest being at a higher rate that I was getting with Barclays
  • The speed at which cash is moved to/from my account
  • Analytics of transactions/companies
  • The fact that I’m usually a bit short at the end of each month and, despite moving cash into my current account to avoid going into an overdraft, Barclays would regularly put me in my overdraft before taking into account the cash I’d put into the account … and then charge me £4 for the privilege.


Thought id mention here since it seems the best place, that I also use Monzo as my main bank. Despite being critical recently on the forums on occasions about some of their choices, issues with support and (imo) half baked features), im critical because i think they can do better. And hope they do.



(Ryan) #316

Not just yet


Curious if anyone decided to go full monzo after successfully becoming an investor yesterday?


I am finishing my current job in 6 months and moving on to a new role so think I will make the switch to full monzo then
(I invested yesterday and that was some of the decision)


Out of curiousity why?

You can use the switch service to move everything from your current account to monzo (Risk free as it is all guaranteed)

(Morty) #320

Would love to know the answer to this too.

This was the most fascinating part of the fund raise strategy for me.

(Matt Hill) #321

I’m #FullMonzo form the point of view Monzo is what I used for day to day spending, online purchases and bills.

However I still get paid in to an account with a different bank. I have various savings accounts / ISA’s with this bank and get a better interest rate / savings account for having my salary paid in to their current account.

I have recurring payments setup to pay in to these accounts each month, then transfer what I need / will allow myself to spend to Monzo.

Doing it that way I feel I have the best of both worlds, a fantastic current account with Monzo and the benefits of savings accounts / ISA’s with a traditional high street bank.


Have had a long an intermittent history with Monzo - have gone #FullMonzo this month :rocket:

Was on the BETA but used it really as a travel card - the free withdrawals and great exchange rate for a student traveller was too good to turn down. However, after finishing my travels I left it in my wallet and didn’t really touch it again. :sweat:

Was then debating :thinking::thinking: whether or not to upgrade to the current account with Monzo (as wasn’t really using the card) but decided to try it out.

I did have a Current Account and Credit Card with one Legacy Bank - a Savings Account with a high %interest rate with another and then a Stocks and Shares LISA. However as of this month have effectively moved everything over to Monzo and now just have the two savings vehicles (Monzo for me still isn’t at a competitive level for savings).

Am getting to grips with the budgeting feature as I feel this will really help me track the all too elusive question of “where has my money actually gone?” :tired_face:

Invested yesterday and looking forward to the big leaps and bounds Monzo will make in the next few years!

Would be interested to know why (like myself) some people keep some other legacy accounts open and why some have gone #FullFullMonzo :smile:


Like you, I am full monzo but will move my money to a Marcus account and stocks and shares ISA when I get paid (better interest rate). I do keep 5-10% of my savings with monzo to show support. Keeping a legacy bank account because it’s free to deposit cash in branch and no limit. The £300 paypoint limit that monzo adopts is too low for me personally.


I think Monzo is a really good base hub for me and where I do all my spending (bills/ food shopping etc) but I suppose that is what a ‘Marketplace’ is all about - finding what specific products are right for you, and I am sure Monzo have some big plans to help bring different products to the app but will obviously take time. I’m still really happy with the switch as it just works perfectly as a current account.