Have Monzo upgraded the app and broken it? (NOW FIXED)

Logged in and there is a new FEED and MANAGE area on the main screen

BUT the app now freezes or can’t keep up with any scrolling or tab changes

Have Monzo released new features that don’t work properly or they slow dow the app to 1% speed compared to normal

And before anyone asks - yes I have reported it as a bug

That’s been around for a while now

Does a delete and reinstall fix it?

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According to the duplicate topic they created, they have already tried that :man_shrugging:


My partner has just mentioned that his has updated, although (thankfully) hasn’t updated on mine. Doesn’t look that great from what I saw :frowning:

It seems to now be fixed but App is still a bit slow to react to commands compared to before.

Not a massive fan of the update. It takes three swipes now to go through your transactions. One swipe to bring the Feed up to 2/3rds of the screen. One swipe to take it to the top, and then another swipe to actually go through your transactions…

It’s not very slick it seems, and so clunky in terms of an experience…