Have I just used a dodgy website by accident? Is my card at risk?

Hi Folks :wave:

I was trying to repay my gratitude to someone by buying them a Deliveroo gift card - in these times I thought it would be something to alleviate stress and faff, give them a little time back.

I used https://deliveroouk.launchgiftcards.com/ - seems legit, Deliveroo themselves point you there - but my Monzo transaction was declined and refunded twice. My wife’s HSBC card was declined. My Mum’s credit card was declined.

Then I look a bit deeper and get worried: Launchgiftcards Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of launchgiftcards.com

Now I’m thinking … :worried: … are all of our card details now with dodgy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: who can fraud them?

Unsure how I can find out and get some peace of mind.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Seems like a legit site, especially as you’re right, Deliveroo do direct you there (I’ve checked).

Additionally, most of those reviews seem to be people no in the UK, and not about Deliveroo. If you’re not missing any money, then you’re okay. :slight_smile:

That’s the only place to purchase from, so you may need to look at an alternative (Amazon voucher or Just Eat?). :slight_smile:

What does your feed say? Just to be pedantic, the transaction wouldn’t be refunded if it was declined as the money didn’t leave your account.

It may be that card issuers are wary of them if a lot of fraud goes through there, doesn’t help if you want to make a legitimate purchase though!

In addition to this, double and triple check the details you’re providing. I had an issue with Smurf’s Toys where they would charge my card, direct me to an error page, and then promptly refund me. The issue? I wasn’t formatting my mobile number the way their server side validation wanted me to, so the order was being rejected.

The money left my account and then was almost instantly refunded and the order was declined. Very strange. :man_shrugging:

Hmmm, yeah potentially. I’ve now sorted it via a different website.

Don’tcha just love formatting requirements!

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Yes indeed, I sorted JustEat via HighStreetVouchers.

I know - it’s the ‘official-ness’ that is reassuring me but also confusing me given the TrustPilot stuff.


As you say, so long as I keep my :eyes: on activity we should be fine.

Just a bit … unnerving.

Ye. I get that. Keep an eye on it, and anything suspicious, freeze & new card. :smiley:

Wait till you try Pizza Hut. Every time I try to pay with Apple Pay on the PH website it gets declined ‘incorrect phone number.’ When I use my card details without changing the phone number, it works fine.

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