Has not passed waiting list

(Aaron Thatcher) #1

Hi there,

I registered from Gibraltar some time ago now and the app just tells me that I am at the top of the queue but have not passed the waiting list?

Any ideas?

(Herp Derp) #2

I don’t think you can register in Gibraltar, you have to have a UK address, either way E-Mail help@monzo.com they can advise further on this.


maybe you are the first person to sign up in Gibraltar and when they roll out accounts to customers in that country you will be at the top of the queue

(Aaron Thatcher) #4

A friend of mine who is also from Gibraltar backed Monzo when it was a kickstarter and has his card/account so maybe when they get around to catching up with the UK accounts they will look abroad

(Caspar) #5

Their screenshots show Vodafone UK, maybe they’re just saying they happened to be over there when they signed up…

(Herp Derp) #6

Would that matter though, I thought it was address based only?

(Caspar) #7

Dunno, but I meant if they registered their UK address it shouldn’t matter where they were at the time.

For the pre-paid, when they reached the front of the queue it stated that they’d be able to sign up when Monzo launched in whichever country they were in, but this screenshot seems to imply they’re ready to be set up and they’ve just hit the queue bug.


Prepaid was not as stringent as the current account.

We require customers to have a UK mailing address for the current account.