Handypay terminals not accepting Monzo over ApplePay

There’s a group of us, all with Monzo cards who regularly go out for lunch in York. We’ve found several merchants who are using the same payment terminal (Handypay) who seem unable to accept Monzo Apple Pay.

The terminals are fine with Monzo cards, and with other cards over Apple Pay, but for Monzo on Apple Pay they always fail for all of us.

Merchants we’ve experienced this at so far:

  • Tah Tien
  • Pig & Pastry
  • Stanley and Ramona
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Hey, Daniel.

It might be worth sending this info to acceptance@monzo.com

It’ll head to the right team and they’ll be able to look at the account linked with your email that way.

Anyone else noticed this or able to test this with a Handy pay merchant?

I’ve had the same issues with Monzo over Apple Pay on an Handy pay terminal. I do tend to go to the same places for lunch as Dan.