Halifax Switching Bribe

Yeah so mine was approved straight away. No need to upload any ID or anything.

I got three emails one to confirm my username/password and another to tell me my account/sort and another for my preferences.

I have logged into the app but it requires an activation code sent by post to start using it. Hopefully that comes in the next day or so, and I’ll see if it’s paid the £100 into it before the switch date.

OK cool. Just for my info, did it imply you could upload ID POA rather than have to take it into a branch. Given I moved a month ago I think I’ll need to

Are any other banks offering switch bonuses at the moment? I wouldn’t plan on keeping the Halifax account so trying to figure out where to switch afterwards. Id be switching to Halifax from first direct

I looked at the terms - when I did a switch bribe with Nationwide there was an term that they would take the money back if you closed your account ‘without good reason’ in some time period (possibly 3-6 months?).

I can’t find a similar clause in the Halifax terms, but it may be buried somewhere in the application process, but on the face of it no - you could close/switch the account away as soon as you’d taken their £100. Seems a little bit cheeky to me, but then they could have put in a clause to prevent this…

I don’t think so… I’d probably hold only my £250 interest free overdraft with FD for emergencies personally though.

I don’t think it mentioned anything about uploading from memory just that it might ask you at the end of the application to “provide” identity.

I once switched to HSBC for about six days to collect £150 and immediately CASSd to NatWest for another bribe. :sweat_smile:

I’ve never had an issue of them taking it back once paid. I think they are required to state up front the key terms, in the past it was you stay with us X months then we’ll pay you the bribe.

HSBC you had to go into branch to show ID, NatWest all online easy peasy.

Seems like a lot of faffing about for £100.

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I dunno, I’m fine with spending about two mins filling in the form. Sure if you have to provide ID in branch that would be annoying.

I’m with Lloyds atm and the app is identical, don’t use the card, only used for DDs so everything just moves over without me doing anything else.

No loyalty to any bank so once another bribe comes along that I’m eligible for i’m off. :smile:

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Is it true that you need to receive a call to set up a new payee with Lloyds Group accounts

No thats not true. It’s just a normal click add and fill in the details.

My only hassle in setting up new payee was with NatWest where if you wanted to pay someone more than a few hundred quid, you needed one of those old school pin machines that generate a code so you could pay them via the website version for the first payment, then you could send any amount via the app. Don’t know if they still do that but bloody annoying, as they don’t send a card machine with new accounts you had to explicitly request one. :man_facepalming:

I completed my Halifax application last night. Took less than 10mins and the account is already setup. Waiting on some verification number through the post before I can login online but I’m not in a rush. I’m just waiting for the £100 and then will either CASS the account for another reward or close it.

I don’t need the £250 overdraft from FD, already have savings in case of emergencies which I’ll now be adding another £100 towards

think this used to be the case for Lloyds Bank, but maybe not recently.

Yes, they’re looking slicker by the month, I reckon.

Hmm I just tried to load a Credit Karma profile and it said my credit file was ‘too thin’ due to just moving

Could this be an issue opening a ‘tiered’ account

Got my activation, I’m in, balance says NIL so assume bribe is paid on my switch date.

App is the same as Lloyds I’m used to just blue instead of green.

Set my reward to £5, probably going to use Starling to pay myself £500 to collect it or I could pay my CC directly.

Come on banks, bring on the next bribe! :joy:

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Hasn’t been a fantastic experience for me in all fairness.

It asked for ID only, I got a link sent to submit this. It didn’t like the photo I sent, the page then crashed and the link is one use only.

I have a branch near my work so I popped in, the cashier didn’t really understand the process (email says a form needs filling in) but he just took a scan of my ID and said it will be posted to Head Office (old school)!

I received a contradictory email which said ID and POA, the advisor on the phone said that’s a generic email, if it said ID only it should be but she couldn’t confirm or deny it

Got my card today, my is it fugly. Glad it won’t be touching my wallet.

When I saw this on their website I was this must have been an old image. Nope, its pretty much same apart from a new Visa logo without the yellow flick, and Debit in lower case.

Whomever though that spacing looked ok, and that the vertical split should come right on the 12th long card number, and that the top left of the x gets obscured. :man_facepalming:

Like someone must have signed off on this, and gone yeah that’ll do. Fuck me.


Nasty lol

Have you received the £100.00 yet. I’m now up and running on the app.

Text received r.e. Switch but balance is ‘nill’

Not yet, my switch takes place on Friday so I’m assuming it be on the day.

Martin Turner, head of personal current accounts at Halifax, said: "It’s never been a better time to open a new account with Halifax.

"Both our new Reward and Ultimate Reward accounts come with the opportunity to earn a fantastic lifestyle benefit and now new applicants will also receive £100 when they switch to us when using the industry switching service.

“The switching process takes just seven days and customers will receive their £100 before the switch is complete.”

Wonder what he meant by this!

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