Huge switching bribe from Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank/B


I don’t have any dummy current accounts to switch but if I did, I’d be thinking about this one!

B Current Account
B - Yorkshire/Clydesdale Bank
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Best Current Account provider.

Says who?


Who cares? grab the 250 and run


I think I might. The current HSBC incentive is £200.


I mentioned this previously but was warned off of them. They spoke quite disparaging about them.


That’s pretty cool. I have a couple of accounts that I used to get interest on, but are now mostly empty as I don’t have money anymore. I was thinking to do something like this. Thanks!


I have seen similar negative feedback on the B account.

For those prepared to put up with any shortcomings though, the £250 may be nice.

For me though, I have had enough of switching accounts for now.


Can you tell us more details? I’m not too bothered, as I’d likely only switch to get the bonus, but would still to know.


“I wouldn’t go to B if I was you that was my main account until I switched to starling - the app is mega colourful (which is a nice change from the ‘norm’) but the app itself is awful always crashes takes a few minutes to load has a dancing chicken when you login need I say more? Balance always shown as unavailable to see screenshot”.

This is a quote from a reply when I thought about switching to B (this was on the Starling forum!)

They didn’t seem that keen. Is the grief worth £250?


Thanks for some more details.

It should be noted though that this offer is “Available for switches to any Clydesdale or Yorkshire Bank personal or private current account” (emphasis mine) so you can apparantly open any other Clydesdale/YB account as well.


Was that meant for @nanos?


Christ. And people complain about Monzo and emoji :expressionless:


Ha ha I know.

The switching bonus with B was a few weeks ago only if you joined at their new branch in Birmingham. Now it’s just anyone.

£250 is nice, but perhaps shortsighted unless you are a serial switcher. I haven’t switched banks as such, I moved banks years ago and haven’t needed to since. I can’t help but think I’m opening a can of worms, and I’m not going to get better than FD, I’m getting £250, then have to change again, I’m thinking it isn’t worth the hassle.


Another customer from B on the Starling forum…

“I have the B account, signed up a few months ago and whilst it’s alright,its not great.

As the poster says above, it’s very colourful… Think bright greens and pastel colours, that in itself nearly put me off to begin with.

There’s also bugs. Account balance warnings are buggy and savings “pots” also have issues. Every time I add to a pot, it seems to duplicate the payment and then nag me to reduce one of my pot values to fix it the next time I log in. That would be fine it it was my fault in the first place.

So yeah, functionality wise - looks a great idea. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be closing mine and bringing it to Starling at some point thought, just waiting on support fixing an (unrelated) issue I have reported to them first.”


Yes, I agree. I wouldn’t do that for my main account as it’s just too much hassle, but I have a 2nd current account that I originally opened for savings. (had a 4% rate at that time) Now that it’s pretty empty and the rate has been reduced, it would take me 7.7 years to earn £250 in interest. So I think I’ll set up two SOs and then switch it. (But not to B. Turns out I actually don’t like smartphone only banks :smiley: ) not sure I’ll go serial switching, though. I have better things to do with my time, but £250 is a nice bonus when you have to renovate a newly bought house :slight_smile:


In case anyone was trying to do this:

Our current accounts are the talk of the town, and we’ve had an amazing response to our offer. Please bear with us or try again later when it could be quieter. We’ll be happy to help.

I actually called them, and apparently it’s not just their online system: their systems are so utterly and completely crashed that they can’t even access anything internally. From what I understand even branches can’t access/process current account applications at yorkshire bank at the moment :smiley:


It was announced on the MSE email, today, so there’s going to be lots of people going for this, I’d imagine.


I may have got in before MSE :wink:


I tried to, but my application was “deferred”. Awaiting if they’ll graciously accept me. Maybe they found my posts here, and now don’t want to pay me :thinking:

They are mysterious as well. Got this text:

We have made a decision about your application. Please log in to find out. Yorkshire Bank.

The suspense is killing me :laughing:


Mine was up and running in ten minutes, with debit card and PIN within three days!