Halifax stole my money /s

Was the credit and potential debit the same bank details? As in did you send yourself money and sending it back to yourself?

Did you try and send all of your account balance in one go as a new customer with new external transfer details?

Look at it from Halifax point of view - this ‘could’ appear as though you’re laundering money.

I appreciate exactly what you have done to gain £100 but don’t think you are going to find anyway around it at the moment.

In terms of the complaint - the bank should have taken it over the phone - this is number 1 rule and many advisors may ‘fob’ you off but they do need to register the dissatisfaction regardless of internal procedures.

Generally a complaint can be registered by any communication medium an organisation uses.

I know Halifax have very short branch hours at the moment so that will compound potentially the ability to go into branch.

Why on earth was my post flagged?

Whoever it is just stop it ok. We’ve all had enough of this unnecessary flagging.

Stop. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: someone tried to flag this one too. Thank you staff for quickly restoring it.

@AlanDoe @cookywook Please now warn whomever just did this that they’ll have they flagging privs revoked if they continue to abuse them. Or account deleted preferably. We’ve all had enough of this shit.


Last night I called out an ad hominem attack targeted at me and my post was flagged within 2 minutes. It’s ridiculous but thankfully staff restored it quickly.

I don’t know who keeps flagging everything but this is getting out of hand and needs to be stopped.

I am ready to have this flagged too


Wait, so you signed up to Halifax, forgot about it, transfer money to them to gain the £100. And then decided to transfer it out? And you’re not willing to go to a branch?!

Apologies — what do you expect people to say to you? You’ve no intention of being their customer, you complain when on hold for a while (there’s an expectation you’re to be hold— they inform you)

I really hope you get your money back soon. But let this be a lesson when signing up to bank accounts.


Maybe someone didn’t like that it was sweary? I’m only guessing. There’s often little rhyme or reason to it.


If you transfer money in and then straight out, it’ll little wonder it gets flagged, not exactly rocket science, common sense.

I think someone is purposely trolling Monzo forums at this point.

We’ve had years of never seeing even one hidden, and the last few weeks hundreds of hidden posts dotted everywhere.

From what I’ve seen it’s been used as a “I disagree” or I don’t like this person. Swears in a post is not a valid reason, so it could be a new user unfamiliar with the rules. All it’s doing is creating extra work for staff rather than allowing to focus on real flags, and pissing people off feeling like they are being silenced.

Hopefully Monzo staff actually get involved in their own forum and stamp it out. @AlanDoe :loudspeaker:

It can’t be that hard to look at the stats that show how many flags they have agreed with or disagreed with and if it’s a lot of disagreed have a word with the person reporting to chill out.

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Agreed with the overall tone. But ‘Swears in a post’ is very subjective. I personally didn’t mind what you published in your flagged post (f**k) - but other people may. And for the record, I didn’t flag it.


Exactly. No ones money has been “Stolen”. OP is trying to game the system and get free cash but becomes complacent when the bank wants to do checks. Not really worth the hassle.

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Subjective but there’s a huge difference in context. Saying I don’t give a fuck, and say telling someone to fuck off is completely different.

We haven’t had this intense level of flagging for years so it’s either a new user in the last few weeks, or we’ve all become very sensitive over lockdown.

As for this thread there’s a whopping great sarcasm in the title, so he’s not literally accusing them of stealing.

It’s a weird one where the OP is kind of pointing out the own egg on their face.


If you’re really bitter just go in, provide the ID and do a CASS to Lloyds to eek another £100 out of the banking group.

If you’re RBS still opens up, switch another account into there as an existing customer before November (maybe even the Lloyds) .

Another £200