Gym opening

Good news. I for one have been missing the gym.


Steroid dealers can come off furlough now :rofl:

I can just see the queues of people waiting to get in the gym though, be worse than January


Just saw this on bbc. What’s the date ?

25th july

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Yes ! Brilliant

I’ve never seen the appeal of the gym, it’s just not for me, but for those who go regularly it’s like a crack addiction; if they can’t go they get terribly twitchy. Must be all those endolphins.


Learnt a new word today… thanks :rofl:


Feel-good mammals.



PureGym has set up a slot system, so you have to book time just to be in the gym, though only during peak hours, whenever they are now. I’m assuming other gyms are doing something similar.

Need to get there by 5:30am so there are fewer people

My gym chain (Virgin Active) has emailed with the re-starting measures, and there doesn’t seem to be bookable slots required, which I’m glad about.

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Mines at a boxing gym it’s ok though as we can just beat the virus out the nearest exit


It’s great news, climbing centres are classed as indoor gyms so I can go back climbing and bouldering. Gained 5kg since lockdown/stopping climbing :joy::joy:

Gyms open today in NI :partying_face:

Wont be making the trek to it till next week however.

Oh this is just going to be HELLISH. It’s going to be like the first couple of weeks of January x 100!

Gyms will be full of people who don’t actually want to be there at all but they put on a few kg over lockdown and want to kid themselves that walking for 15 minutes on a treadmill is going to solve all their problems :man_facepalming:t3:

I think it’ll be the exact opposite, with only people (like me) who’ve really missed going to the gym going back. I reckon casual members won’t go for fear of infection, and a lot will start to wonder why they’re actually paying the restarted monthly direct debit, and cancel. I think we’ll see a lot of gyms go out of business, as the cheap chains are run on a model of 70% of paying customers never actually going.


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