Back to the gym

Went to the gym first time today since the lockdown. Was upsetting how much strength I have lost. Which was going to happen anyway not training for 4 months. For example my 40 kg in each hand dumbell presses has gone down to 20 kg each.
How are other people finding going back to the gym? Or are other still staying clear of the gym for now?

Just been to the gym and there’s a new machine. Only used it for an hour as I started to feel sick. Its good though, it does everything ‘Kitkats, Mars bars, Snickers and crisps’! :slight_smile:

20 kilos …pah :muscle:


That’s a big drop, doubt it’ll take you long to get back upto 40kg though

Yes mate, tomorrow I will go to the gym and use the cross trainer to see how much my cardio has gone down by

Take it easy and build up over time. I went to the gym last week for the first time since March and it took almost a week to recover as my shoulder was in pain despite the fact that I was staying with much lower weights than usual…

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I think I should start hurting from tomorrow and DOMS should be worst on the second day.
Tomorrow I might just do cardio as I will be hurting

One I’m going to not opened back up yet he’s waiting a few more weeks

I was hoping to get back into it. However, thanks to the new local lockdown that’s not looking like an option right now. Maybe soon

Very glad to be back in the gym . Plenty of muscle soreness as you said but that subsides when you get back into it

40KG dumbbell press in each arm is very impressive

I’m unfortunately one of those “CrossFit wankers” myself

I have also lost a load of strength and my cardio is pretty much non existent at the minute…

Coaches keep telling us to just enjoy the journey back to full fitness as we are all in the same boat, and just keep your head up

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I was new to this world just before Christmas, so very much learning the ropes.

I know it’s bad, but I’m taking some pleasure from having more of a level playing field now everyone is struggling!

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I’m yet to go to the gym, my gym here in Toronto isn’t open yet :frowning:

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