Face coverings in shops 24/7/20

I’d rather get corona.


I rarely go to the shops as I avoid it where possible.

Where can I get some cool (but good) reusable ones from? I saw some random celebrity ones the other day - not tacky like those, even though they are funny :smiley:


A lot of people here seem to like the Adidas ones. I imported a bunch of atoms masks from the US. If you want something more unique there is Etsy and Redbubble as suggested above. When it comes to a filtration slot you have Vistaprint. There is also a company called Maask who make theirs out of recycled ocean plastic. XD Design also have soon cool looking masks. Uniqlo will also be selling their very popular airism masks later this summer.


Thought the list a bit of a way down this Which? article was quite good, has options from Aldi/Adidas for cheap up to some stupidly expensive ones, but lots of diff patterns and options through the links:


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Yet you can still go to the gym and only go for walks late at night. Isn’t a gym where people should be wearing masks - where they are working out and breathing in and out more than usual?!


This is an interesting point! I think it will make me less likely to go shopping and now means I probably need to keep a mask with me incase I need to go into a shop for something while I’m out.

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No masks required in gyms

Are people still queuing in places?

That was only really at the beginning but now there aren’t really any queues near me. I’ve only seen them outside Primark and I assume this is because it has just recently opened.

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I know - I phrased it badly. What I mean is, you would think it is a place where they are required. Lots more heavy breathing in and out going on in there than in your corner shop who only let two people in at a time.

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Not as much as previously, for sure. I still see queues outside large supermarkets, though. Where I do see queues, they are usually 100m or less as compared to many 100s of metres back in the bad old days.

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They’re pretty simple, yet cool.

Along with JustHype out of that list for something a bit different.

Will narrow down my selection further on my lunch break. Thanks for your help! :blush:


Im into day 5 of mandatory coverings here in Scotland and im already sick of them.

Im also sick of information that is contradictory…

This is from the Scottish Government:- Retail

A face covering must be worn by all people using a shop, which is any indoor establishment which offers goods or services for sale or hire, when the shop is open.

You do not need to wear a face covering in hospitality premises such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants or pubs. Or in money services businesses such as banks and building societies.

So basically, I can go into a corner shop, go straight to the counter and buy a lottery ticket, and have to wear a mask… total process may take maybe 2 mins tops…

Alternatively, I can pop into a cafe, order lunch to takeaway and stand around for 5 mins waiting and not have to wear a mask!?! or stand in a queue in a bank for 10 mins and also not wear one…

I really wanted to get this one from McLaren F1 but that price is extortionate, I don’t care what BioTech they claim to have come up with for it


I mean its quite difficult to eat with a mask. The idea is to reduce the transmission where they can whilst also not destroying buisnesses.


Christ, and then they slap you for £7 on delivery.


I know, it’s crazy

I have noted people in Scotland wearing those face shields as opposed to face masks, it technically should still be possibly to eat with those attached, though maybe an awkward task.

I’ve bought a few and Adidas seem to fit the best, and a decent price for a 3 pack of washable face coverings.

I think you’re missing the point… its pretty obvious eating would be difficult. What im saying is that all the guidance is open to interpretation depending on the situation.

Going into a cafe or coffee shop for a takeaway should be treat with the exact same guidance as going into a supermarket… but its not… so if im only going to Greggs I dont need a mask…but if im going in the newsagents next door, I do… whats the difference?