Got scammed today

If they’ve said it will take 15 business days I wouldn’t expect a response the next day.

It sounds like they have everything they need now, so as they’ve said a few times - you just need to wait until they’ve checked everything.

The thing I am worrying about is that, because they said it took 15 business days, and they said that they will try to get my money back if the money is still left in the fraudster’s account. It is very possible that the money is long gone now because it took them 1 day to get the fraud team to react. I am just devastated now.

I understand you’re worried, but try not to jump to conclusions until they have finished their investigation. You never know, it might all work out :crossed_fingers:

I hope, I have been saving that money for tuition fee. My parents are very understanding about it and made few phone calls with me, they said it is okay and at least they can afford this loss. I still feel guilty inside as it is caused by my stupid mistakes.

I am writing a new thread to share my experience and what happened. Hopefully people can see it and learn from my mistakes


This is perfectly normal. But don’t. You are the victim, here. These scams work because they are good at it, not because people are stupid.

I hope it all ends well for you :+1:


I would have thought, not being a fraudster , that the money in the fraudsters account sat there for about a minute before it was moved to another account, so Monzo answering in 5 minutes wouldn’t have made any difference unfortunately


Thank you, I am just glad that my parents are supporting me and we are lucky enough to be able to afford this loss. I just cannot imagine if I came from a family that relies on that 1,256 pounds for food and bills, would just have been a nightmare

I think not all bank make transactions quickly, what I am worrying about is that, if they send the money to an oversea account, it will take longer to process the transaction, and once it was sent out of the country, there is no way I could get the money back.

Yeah don’t be too hard on yourself and just learn from this experience, i know what you are passing through and hopefully Monzo get your money back!

Hang tight and hopefully it will be resolved!

Do you know to which bank the money was transferred to?

It was transferred to a Monzo account. That is what I was upset because Monzo could just freeze that account from fraudulent activity in one second and get this investigated immediately, but I ended up get passed over and over and still waiting till today.

It’s not quite as simple as that though.

How would you feel if someone had legitimately transferred you some money and then they complained to Monzo and seconds later your account was shut?

I’m not for one second saying you’re lying or that it’s not fraud, but Monzo have to tread carefully.

I also don’t think, and I’m prepared to be corrected, that them getting the money back themselves has any baring on you getting the money back afterwards. Depending on the situation of course.

Yes I completely understand what are you saying. It is a good point.

I am only upset because my dad has some experiences with this kinds of scam, he said it could be possible that I won’t get my money back because it could be transferred to a foreign account, and I should just cut my loss and move on. It usually takes quite long time for money to go out of the country, and if this could be stopped ASAP, there is much higher chance I could get my money.

I am not sure of how Monzo works, but I am still trying to stay calm and reasonable with everything.

The money probably has gone but that doesn’t mean Monzo won’t give it back to you.

Like the OP, I very much doubt Monzo actually recovered the money.

There’s a banking code of practice around this situation. From memory, Monzo follow it (though they haven’t signed up to it).

Simply put, if the customer has taken reasonable precautions (checking the phone number and email address looked like Monzo ones, for example), then the bank takes the hit and returns the money.

Don’t forget that this other account holder is likely to be a victim in this scam as well.

Edit: This is quite comprehensive


Interesting, in my case the money was transferred to Metro bank, not sure if Metro bank detected anything on their side as well and speed up the process.

Yep it’s called the “Authorised Push Payment (APP) Code”

Monzo aren’t a signatory, but do, per their own words, “follow the intent of it”.

I’m not sure how well the scam of obtaining someones magic links fits under that code, but it’s worth reading what it covers and being super clear to monzo that it would fall into the code / they should cover it as per their intent. (If indeed it does fit).

Why ask?

I have looked up APP code of conduct, and the fraud team asked ma about my behaviour. I let them know that I have been sick and during our conversation, I kept challenging him and ask him to explain why should I do what he told me to. His explanation sounds legit and he kept using “meanwhile we are talking someone is trying to swipe money off your card” to pushing me and rushing me. I thought I was a smart person but I guess they are much more experienced than me

Thank you everyone under this thread! I have created a new topic and talked about what happened to me with details. Got Scammed £1,256 the day before yesterday

When I had an issue on a Saturday night with someone emptying my account whilst I slept, I had the money back in my monzo account within 6 hours of reporting it.

No one seems to be advocating it, and I appreciate most fraud involves money transfers, but the first thing I did when i saw fraudulent activity was to freeze my card.