Attempted fraud attempt

Thought I would share this in case it happens to anyone else.

I got a call earlier from someone claiming to be from monzo. I initially hung up as I thought it was a junk call (my god how I should have listened to my gut) then they immediately phoned back and said they were from the Monzo Anti-Fraud team and that my card had been attempted to be used in Liverpool for two transactions and this had been flagged as I’m not resident in Liverpool (they knew the city I live in).

I gave him a hard time and said I was pretty suspicious about the call. I even asked him to confirm the last digits of my card number but he said he could only see the first six digits. To be honest I should have noticed the red flag of him giving me sass/attitude back but he kept insisting this was important to prevent transactions on my account (and essentially that me being difficult wasn’t helping). He kept going on about how he needed some details to confirm it was me and that I wanted these attempted transactions declined.

I told him there was no way I’d be confirming details but he said all he didn’t need any account info but all he needed was the first line of my address and my date of birth so I stupidly gave him these. Then he asked me to “confirm” the balances on my two monzo accounts which again I stupidly handed over. Then he said he would now transfer me to another team and put me on “hold” at which point I hung up as it wasn’t sitting right with me. I have since been in touch with monzo who are escalating it so I am hoping to hear more tomorrow.

The number that called me was 0800 802 1382 (I’ve seen a similar post on this community using the same number only one digit different however it described a different type of scam). I since called the number back and it was a weird dial done (abroad maybe?) and weirdly some guy eventually answered and said something like “Hi, Mark’s phone”. It was a different voice to who I’d spoken to so I hung up. Even weirder I then got a call back from this mobile number 07590 316948 from the guy who had just picked up on the 0800 number. Again sounded like a totally different guy and I had a brief conversation with him where he acted surprised and wondered what was going on but he wasn’t fooling anyone. At this point my kids were kicking off and my dinner was burning so I called him a pri*k and hung up!

I am so so annoyed at myself that this has happened. I’m a smart person and usually savvy to these things but they managed to get me. Just thought I’d post to warn others not to be taken in as I was. So they now have my dob, first line of address and account balances but I’m hoping they can’t do too much damage with this info and at least my cards are frozen and monzo are aware. I hope these scumbags get what’s coming to them


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