Google's spring clean 2019

(Ravi) #21

Seems about as non controversial a list of EOL’d services as you could get.


Inbox was built to enable the Inbox Zero concept which wasn’t well supported in other clients at the time, however the concept is now a part of the Gmail app so they’re shutting down Inbox.

(Sam) #23

Have you used Google Trips? It’s another application to download, but it automatically detects trip-related emails in Gmail and creates a Trip, showing flight and hotel details at a glance. It also shows information about the destination including places to visit etc.

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This is the reason I switched back to iOS. Can’t trust Google with anything :disappointed:

(Ravi) #25

This affects iOS users the same as those on Android.

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(David Walton) #26

Yes, I used trips, but keep coming back to the concept of a single client for as much ‘workflow’ as possible. As in Inbox/Gmail only. Inbox just made it work without having to think about anything.

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Not if you stop using Googles products :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m still pissed off that they’re getting rid of Google+. It’s the only social-type thing I have, and was the way I connected with others :frowning:


(Thomas Allan) #29

Google has told dozens of employees on its laptop and tablet division to find new jobs at the company, raising questions about its hardware plans

(Simon B) #30

Pixel Slate was widely panned, as I recall, so that’s probably why. I’m hoping they continue to release Pixelbooks, but I can’t imagine those need a huge amount of people working on them at this point - design updates would only be incremental in the short to medium term.

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Yeah I can’t say I see the appeal of the Slate. I do love the Pixel book so would definitely be tempted in a more affordable option of that and possibly the next iteration of the original.

(Caspar) #32

Feedly is a great alternative, it was almost a clone of it when it first launched, they’ve added lots of nice features like Collections so you can share articles around specific topics.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #33

Google have changed their wording :eyes:


“After March 2019” instead of “By the end of March 2019” :pray:

I know it’s not much longer but I’m hoping Inbox can survive :joy:

Too optimistic of me? :smirk:

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(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #34

Just opened the Inbox app on my phone :eyes::see_no_evil:


I can’t find my favourite Inbox feature in the Gmail app, pls advise Google

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(Adam) #36



I really miss bundles. Especially trip bundles.