Best to do list app for Android

(Richard) #1

So Androids, I would like some advice.

After years in the wilderness I have gone back to Android with the amazing Honor 10 lite (best phone I have ever had!!)

Can anyone recommend a simple to do list app which has a great widget but also interacts with Google Assistant? I’ve re-downloaded aCalendar+ tasks but it feels dated.

There are so many options that I don’t know which one’s to try out. A couple that I have tried have poor widgets, ideally I’d like to be able to create and tick off items without having to access the app directly.

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I like Microsoft To-Do, but I am not sure if it integrates with Google Assistant? Or maybe there is an IFTTT trigger? Its got a good widget though!

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Todoist is great.

The premium subscription is waaaaaay too much, but the features on the free version are great and suit my current needs.

Todoist also has Google Assistant:

And a widget:

(Brandon Billingham) #4

Baffles me Google Keep has no Google Assistant support

(Adam) #5

Have you looked at Google Tasks?

I use that and it works well. Might be another app they kill off, but I’m keeping it for now!

Edit: though I’m not sure if it has assistant support