Google Assistant learns some new tricks! 🎉 🤖

I’m pretty excited about this.

So, first of all, Routines (aka chained together actions with a custom phrase) can now be triggered from an alarm-dismissal.

Imagine - your alarm goes off in the morning, and dismissing it automatically turns on your lights, starts your morning wake-up playlist, and turns on your coffee machine :wink: Or any number of combinations of your smart devices :grinning:

Secondly, Broadcasts (a feature I use all the time, you talk into one Google Home / Assistant device and it broadcasts your voice message to the other devices) can now be used outside of the house. This is really cool, so when I’m out shopping or something, I can send a quick broadcast message to my partner to ask what we need.

They’ve added playback speed to podcasts / audio shows too, and the ability to silence all the mobile phones in your house connected to Google Assistant on your account by saying “Hey Google, silence the phones” - super handy if you’re watching a movie or something :grinning:


Being able to reply to broadcasts and them appear on your phone is really nice…

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Routines on alarm dismissal is great! Saves having to use Tasker!

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Is the outside broadcast feature really new? I’ve sent recorded messages from my phone to mess with flatmates before. Maybe it’s because I was connected to a Google Home in somebody else’s home?

It’s not new, but being able to reply from home back to the home is new. “Ok, Google. Reply get milk”

Has anyone’s Clock app updated with the new Google Assistant routines yet?

Mine updated yesterday! Tested it out this morning. Good stuff.

My chromecasts also updated and I can now include my normal chromecast in my audio groups which is amazing. I’d been waiting so long for that one :ok_hand:t3:

Soooo am i right in saying these cant be set up using the Home App?

Im on iOS so dont have the android clock app

My clock app won’t update :frowning:

It’s nearly ten to ten.


Mine won’t either :disappointed_relieved: