Google Play Unable to Verify Bank

Yes and google pay works fine, its just purchasing anything through the play store


I’ve had the same issue this week. I tried to subscribe through the Discovery+ app and got the same “unable to verify” message when using my Monzo cards set up on Google Pay (my main card and a virtual card, both of which I’ve used many times in the past). It went through using a HSBC card.

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I am having the same issue. Hugely frustrating to be honest as it’s been happening for weeks now. I found this link on the Monzo help pages but that doesn’t work for me.

My only option is to use my NatWest credit card as an alternative, and then pay that off. I am disappointed that it’s not being tackled as a high priority. Payments through Google Play/Google Pay have always worked before, so I am not sure what has changed.


Ive had this happen. It was because my postcode didnt match in case.

So change the casing on the postcode and see if it works.

I’ve just had payment to a Cleverbridge retailer fail for my Monzo Business card 4 times now with the * decline_reason:“SCA_NOT_AUTHENTICATED_CARD_NOT_PRESENT” according to the API. Which is “fun” as I did approve it and it is an internet transaction (so card not present).

Same for me, Google Pay (via Google Wallet now) and online payments using Google Pay both work fine. It’s just purchases through Google Play which are repeatedly failing.

I don’t have a “backup bank” to use. Hopefully they get this sorted soon between them/whoever needs to do something, really quite naff not to be able to use my card at one of the largest retailers.

Interestingly, Google Play subscriptions I have set up to a virtual card seem to be working fine. But if I try and in-app purchase, that’s when it fails.

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Is there a fix for this yet, tried a few months ago and I didn’t work and today it’s still not working. I’m receiving the same error message as others in this thread on Google play. Followed all the steps suggested too and still no change.


I found the easiest way to get round the problem with Google play was to add PayPal as a payment method and when doing this select my Monzo card as the payment method for PayPal.

Have been getting this for a few months all other bank cards bkth visa and master card work just Monzo. I’m a premium customer and Monzo tell me to speak to Google who tell me to speak to Monzo. Or I get asked for a screenshot despite offering the error code even though their own security policy won’t allow a screenshot

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You can allow screenshots on Android by clicking your icon in the top left of the home screen > settings icon in the top right > privacy and security and then deselecting hide monzo from recent apps, Monzo staff should have known to tell you this.

That being said it’s hard to know what’s going on here, and it would be nice to get some info from Monzo if there’s an actual issue with monzo and Google or if it seems to be bad UI and customers getting confused, but there’s a fair few with issues.

It’s been going on for too long and too consistently to be just bad UI.

Same happens with Cleverbridge btw (although that’s obviously got a much smaller number of users).

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