Google Pay thinks my debit card is a credit card (maybe)

Credit cards are not accepted at betting sites. I have always used Google pay with SkyBet for example to pay using my Monzo debit card. I just got a new debit card as my old one was about to expire. I’ve added it to Google pay without issue but if I try to use it on SkyBet via Google pay it says “card type not accepted here”, which suggests something is telling SkyBet that the card is a credit card.

Any ideas?

Which card do you have?

Could be Sky Bet needs to update their BIN database.

You’ll need to raise it with them if you haven’t already.

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Investor Coral

If I manually enter it into SkyBet no problem. If I select it via Google Pay there is a problem. Strange!

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Ah. That is unusual. Google’s assigned “card number” seems to be triggering it.

Possibly need to explain this to Google :sweat_smile: