Google Pay screenshot concern

i was downloading google pay when i spotted a screenshot of a full monzo card number in one of their preview images, despite the whole thing about “not posting your card numbers online.” slight concern about google setting a bad example here. :sweat_smile:

here’s the en_GB play store link,

It’s not a real card number

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Weird they only had it for Monzo

NatWest’s is probably on the back as standard, and the image has to reflect the card I believe.

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Think it’s fair the the promotional image is accurate to what a customer would actually see

hmm, that’s not what i’m seeing. oddly enough google pay only shows the last 4 in a corner. :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah, you don’t see the full card number on Google Pay. Four stars then the last four digits of the physical card number.

Doesn’t feel like a major issue, but it’d be nice if Monzo/Google could fix the image.

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