Google pay merchant id

(Trevor Mitchell) #1

Hi guys, if I use my monzo card by means of the Google pay app does everything remain the same, i.e. transaction update on my monzo app (the coin jingle) will the merchant I’d be listed on my monzo app, will the ifttt actions still be carried out etc etc etc…


Yep to all.

You might want to disable the Google Pay notifications as you’ll get double notifications otherwise.

(Trevor Mitchell) #3

Thank you, I’ve never really ventured into the Google pay world much although I have used it and it was pretty slick but as I always tend to have my cards it seems I may have no need for g pay as I’m not sure how much the world is fully ready to deal with mobile only money…


It’s great for limitless contactless payments, more secure than Chip and PIN and as easy as using your cards contactless. I tend to use it more than my card these days unless I’m using a loyalty card cuz then I’m already faffing with my wallet.