Google P2P (aka Pay Send) shutting down in the UK

Haven’t seen this posted anywhere, but seeing as I only found out about this today, I’m not totally surprised…

Google are shutting down their P2P (peer to peer) payments platform in the UK on the 6th of September, 2019. This service allows you to send money via Gmail and The writing was on the wall when the feature was implemented on the US app but not the UK.

You might know the feature as Google Pay Send, or Google Wallet. It was first introduced to the UK in 2015 (2 years later than America, naturally).

You can read more about the closure here.

Have any of you used Google Pay Send or the gmail cash feature? How does it compare to Monzo’s peer payment system?

Here are the legal details in the email if you’re interested:

Starting on 6 September 2019, your Google Payments service will be offered by Google Ireland Limited (“GIL”) instead of Google Payment Limited (“GPL”). This means that your relationship with GPL and the electronic money (“e-money”) service they offer under the current Google Payments Terms of Service is ending. You will no longer have an e-money account with GPL to use for the P2P service (explained above in more detail) or for payments.
Instead, GIL will be offering you a new service under the new Google Payments Terms of Service, which will allow you to save and manage your payment credentials in one place in order to make purchases with Google and on Google marketplaces. Your new terms of service outline how your payment credentials will be stored and used.
For further information, please see the new Google Payments Terms of Service

Never heard of it!


Same here. Got the email earlier and was like “never knew I could!”


Yeah I thought that when I got the email thought I’d never heard of it before


Same, got the email and thought what the hell did I sign up to. Never heard of it either. No guesses as to why it’s going based on this thread haha.


Yeah just got the email and was about to be annoyed some spam got through then realised it was genuine.