Google Nest Mini (Being announced tomorrow)

So this is the follow up to the Google Home Mini!

Seems virtually identical to the original model, but with a wall-mount, and probably improved sound.

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Nice. I’m glad it looks the same!

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Same! If it ain’t broke…

I’m sure I read somewhere before there would be other things that are “new” about it though. Maybe software. We’ll find out tomorrow!

Who in their right mind would mount a Google Mini so high up the wall with the cable hanging down like that :rofl:

People coming in and out, or kids would have that thing ripped off the wall in seconds :grimacing:

Honestly people do. There’s been a roaring trade in home-made wall mounts for them in the past couple of years on eBay, Amazon, etsy, etc.

Some of them have battery packs, even. But then you have to charge them every so often, so that’s annoying. That picture probably isn’t the greatest example but it’s not uncommon - you could easily run the cabling up along a corner wall with pins etc.

Or they could just put it on the table at the side :man_shrugging: :wink:

We have the plug socket mount in one of the rooms. Don’t see why it has to be above head height though.

My theory is that they’ve chosen to include it after Dyson had a complaint with the ASA for not showing the wire on their corded fans

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