How many smart assistant instances do you have?

(Simon B) #1

Earlier today in an company discussion, we were talking about the Bose QC35 Mark II headphones, which have a dedicated button to trigger Google Assistant.

Then, I see this news article about Assistant getting added to the Nest indoor security cams.

It got me thinking that the battle for smart assistants might well come down to simply how many devices you have that contain the functionality. As tech-interested people, I surmise that many folks here probably have multiple instances of multiple assistants, so what do you have?

For me…

Google Assistant:
Pixel 2 XL
LG Watch Style
Nexus Player
Google Home
Google Home Mini

iPhone 6S
iPad (2017)
Macbook Pro

Echo Dot

Windows 10 Desktop

I’m interested in the smart displays that have Google Assistant built in, and I’ll probably pick up some of those Bose headphones at some point, and a Nest cam.


Samsung S8

Samsung S8

Work Macbook

I actually rarely use them. I want to get google home if I ever get enough money to move out, though :+1:



  • iPhone 7
  • Apple Watch
  • MacBook

Not actually using it for anything though, any task that Siri could do for me I feel like it’ll be much easier if I did it myself directly on the phone or computer.

(P Burrows) #4

Mac mini
iPhone X
iPad Pro
Apple Watch

I rarely use Siri though as I would feel a bit daft talking out loud to my watch or phone in public and even when I do try it Siri rarely understands my Scottish accent!



  • OnePlus 5
  • HTC M8
  • Samsung Tablet


  • MacBook Pro
  • iPad


  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Echo Dot


  • Windows 10 Laptop
  • Surface 2 Windows 10

I mostly use Google though and Alexa for Fire TV/Netflix searches. Google is great for in-car use.

(Herp Derp) #6

MacBook Pro
Apple TV’s
Apple Watch

2 x Echo Dots

Cortana Used once I think
Various WIN 10 VM’s


I agree with you - It’s the one reason I didn’t buy the HomePod.

The only advantage I find with Siri is setting the lights to a certain percentage (Philips Hue) - That’s usually easier than using the app (which is still very easy).


That would probably be the only thing I’d use Siri for, if only my previous generation LIFX lights supported HomeKit.

(Herp Derp) #9

I have set scenes, much easier


I have scenes as well, and with the recent addition of the motion sensors and remotes (as seen in the other thread), I very rarely need to use Siri at all.

I used to use it for the kids landing nightlight "Hey siri, set the landing to 1%) - But now it’s set to come on at 19:15 every day, and then the lights turn blue at 20:00 for 5 minutes, before turning off completely at 20:05.

Once they turn blue, it’s books down and bed time!


Macbook Pro

Although I never use siri as I find them(smart assistants) really pointless still

(Mega Charizard) #12

Google Assistant… These I use.
:iphone:Samsung Galaxy S8+
:camera:Nest Cam
:house:Google Home + Chromecast

I have but don’t use Cortana on Xbox One X and Windows 10 laptop.

(Simon B) #13

Have you tried using Assistant on the Nest Cam? How is the implementation, does it work in the same manner as Home?

(Valeri) #14

MacBook Pro

Cortana (used once)
Work PC

Mostly use Siri for HomeKit integration with my HomeKit and for music on HomePod, also for weather, but still find it mostly a novelty thing of not much merit.

(Mega Charizard) #15

No I got the notification that it’s updated but not used it yet. To be fair I use it as a dog cam whilst I’m at work mostly. I recently got rid of the subscription as it’s such a poor app… I highly rate Google and am totally in there ecosystem but unfortunately for me there skills are not being used well on the Nest app.

I am unable to think how the Home interacts with the Nest. I’ll have to look into that…

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #16

Google Assistant:
Pixel 2 XL
Google Home Mini

:slight_smile: Nice and simple though I’d like to expand it with a bunch of smart kit too!