Sonos to launch Google Assistant support next week

Anyone here use Sonos and excited for this?


I’ve been searching “Google assistant Sonos” once a week minimum since 2017. Very much looking forward to this.


Is this saying that you’ll be able to swap over from Alexa to google on your existing device? If so that’s very cool!


Yes, I use Sonos and am quite looking forward to trying this out. However probably less so than when it was first announced almost 2 years ago. Since then I’ve come to realise I only really use my voice controlled speakers for very simple things (play news, play music, set timer) so doesn’t really make much difference which assistant I use.

What I really want is for Sonos to add Google Cast support like they have done for Airplay 2.


Good stuff, been waiting for this for a while on my Sonos Ones, and hopefully there’s a load more functionality under the hood.

Excellent news. Been waiting for this for ages.

Annoying it’s US only at launch.

So close to being able to activate google assistant!

I’ve set it up by tricking it that I’m in the US.

A) use a VPN with country set to USA
B) temporarily change your Sonos account address to United States

Best thing so far is getting a Google Mini to play something on an old Sonos Play:1, which I wasn’t sure would be supported.

It’s super slow though - perhaps because it’s getting a hammering!

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I’ve been looking forward to this for ages, how frustrating that its US only at the moment! However, love the post about using a VPN to trick it … very tempting !

Will the Sonos do Nest Hello announcements? We’ve got a Google Home Mini in the house to do that, be nice if the Sonos with GA will do that job moving forward