One of the things I love

(Nigel Laverick) #1

Is that everything here is so positive. I’ve read over 1,000 posts (so the app tells me​:wink:) and I’ve seen very little negativity. Even the posts about things going wrong are understanding, no rants , no flaming. Just a community happy to be working together to create what could be a great bank. :smile:

Long may it continue

(Rika Raybould) #2

Indeed, it’s refreshing being here after dealing with communities where negativity is the norm.


I’ve just looked at my own stats. Blimey, that’s a lot of reading.


I’ve read 1,800 apparently. I used to run loads of online forums and this software is one of the best I have come across. The members are also great, makes for a better experience for sure.

(Tom ) #5

Negativity gets shut down quite quickly. There’s some good people on these boards!


I’ve only seen a couple of instances. I really like that.

(Will Stanley) #7

Some time over the last few months reading the forum became a daily habit for me - I want to know everything about Mondo - and I’ve now read 6,000 posts and spent almost a day of my life on here. Oops.

(Tom ) #8

Me too. Why is this? :thinking: #help[quote=“Will1, post:7, topic:5118, full:true”]
Some time over the last few months reading the forum became a daily habit for me - I want to know everything about Mondo

(Rika Raybould) #9

Same here. Somehow I’ve managed to be the third top user (default sorting) of all time behind only @hugo and @tristan! :fearful:


How do you check your ranking?


Nvm, found it. For anyone looking for it :slight_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #12

well thats frightening …:wink:


There’s some worrying stats. I have clearly become obsessed with my Mondo card.

(MikeF) #14

Yea, it’s somewhat disturbing that I’m starting to put this much effort into an online community associated with a bank. :wink: Not something I’d ever have guessed at.

(Josh Bray) #15

2.4k posts read haha. The only other community I’ve spent this much time in is the OnePlus forum.

(Tristan Thomas) #16

So true! I never imagined that it would grow to be this useful while also being so nice :heart_eyes: I imagined by now we’d need hundreds of moderators :wink: Fingers crossed we can all stay like this for the next 10 years!

(Josh Bray) #17

I still think it would be worth having a few mods to keep things safe. We did have an incident with a user revealing their personal information. I managed to contact @bailey who took it down. But relying on staff isn’t the most efficient, we all know you’re rather busy

(Alex Sherwood) #18

Especially if this type of security

isn’t going to be applied.

(Tristan Thomas) #19

Yup, for sure :slight_smile: I don’t think we’re quite at that stage yet but at some point, can totally imagine community mods (if people are keen to help). I mentioned in another thread that we have a new community manager joining soon who I hope can dedicate lots of time to preparing the forum for even more growth!

(Josh Bray) #20

Yeah the idea of a community manager will be great and I’m sure there will be plenty of people who would volunteer (myself included😂)