Golden tickets

(Alex Sherwood) #84

There aren’t any limits on golden tickets :slight_smile:

You should get a new one as soon as the last one you’ve given out has been used.

(Johnny Ellwood) #85

Thanks for clarifying that. Good to know :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: nice use of that gif @alexs

(Grant MacGregor) #86

If there is anyone with a Golden Ticket then I would greatly appreciate it being sent my way! :innocent:

(Johnny Ellwood) #87

Just sent you a PM with one in


probably not, its a clever strategy, the best promoters are by word of mouth, also it turns into a bit of game seeing how many you can give away, wouldnt it be neat if there was some award or treat to getting x number of people to sign up, e.g. similar to the giffgaff model

(Alex Sherwood) #89

I’m not sure what you’re disagreeing with there - auto correct? :slight_smile:

I’m not fussed about freebies / rewards personally & I think there’s a risk that they incentivise spamming (which I’ve heard, is a thing for giffgaff) but it would be great to see some kind of leaderboard / way to track how many people you’ve signed up & it looks like that’s on it’s way :heart_eyes:


Hey that’s awesome, wouldn’t it be sweet to see a spider web of people you’ve recommended and then so forth of those who they have recommended, would make for some interesting visuals.

(Marta) #91

Well, that wouldn’t be the most accurate. After I got hooked and decided to spread the love, I was organising tickets for friends from various sources. Only after I infected closest group of friends and coworkers, I got a ticket* and didn’t have a chance to use it since, my nearest circle is either on Monzo or fed up listening about Monzo (working on it). :smiley:

*Technically, I had it before, but it was invisible due to lack of support from Android app.

For most people that would be quite awesome thing to see.

(Alex Sherwood) #92

So how could Monzo enable you to track your influence on the remaining users that you got to sign up - the people who you didn’t give a golden ticket to?


Believe it already does by listing contacts in your phone that you cant send money too?

(Alex Sherwood) #94

You’re going to have to expand on that for me I’m afraid, I’m not seeing the link between that & tracking users who you’ve referred to Monzo?

(Marta) #95

Yeah, I think something between what @micsway said and maybe chronology?

Based on date of signup and ‘who has who’ in contacts some conclusions can be drawn. For example, I gave Alexs’ ticket to my flatmate, but it wasn’t Alex who appeared as first Monzo contact when my flatmate signed up, I was.

Some users might be first from their list of contacts to sign up and they kinda start the tree. I was that person, when I signed up, I didn’t have anyone on Monzo.

Only issue is the fact that contacts can change over time, not sure what impact it would have on visual presentation.

(Nick) #96

I have a GT if anyone needs one! :slight_smile:


Oops there is none, I diverged, maybe in your list of contacts who you can pay, add a little start if that is someone you recommended?

(Alex Sherwood) #98

I quite like the idea of a link that only Monzo can establish so that users can compete to see who can get the most referrals. But if the ‘report’ is just for users to see for themselves, then that could work.

(Patrick) #99

I would like to know too. I’ve a ticket here that when I went to share, it says that it has been used even though I have never shared before. Never got a notification to say it has been used. Still there on my timeline.

(Andrew Lopes) #100

Quick question - got a Monzo golden ticket (in person), but the “magic link” doesn’t seem to work - and I’ve only shared it with one person - any idea why it might not be working?


They are single use only.

(Mike) #102

If you need a golden ticket link DM me.

(Johnny Ellwood) #103

As above, happy to share Golden Tickets to posters. Don’t want to see them on eBay. Yes, there are tickets on eBay…