Golden Tickets - user specific instead of use specific

(Richard Bairwell) #1

At the moment, I’ve somehow got 4 golden tickets - but due to the UI I can only appear to share one at a time (making the number a bit pointless). And, of course, as soon as that ticket is used, I get a new one (use specific)…

To save manually keep tracking of tickets and pestering people to use them, can’t we just have a user specific URL we can share - i.e. like ?

If Monzo does need to limit signups or the existing user somehow ‘runs out’ of Golden Tickets, they could just then change that page to ‘Sorry, here’s the wait list’.

I’d love to be able to promote Monzo more, but single usage links are a pain…

(Jack) #2

Good idea @richyb !

I beilive they are currently having a re think as to how tickets should work now there is no longer a sign up queue.
Hopefully they see your suggestion :slight_smile:

If it was a unique user url it would be cool to see how many people had joined Monzo because of your link and then that persons link like a networking effect :spider_web:

(Change Works) #3

Interesting. I was under the impression that golden tickets had no practical use.

(Jack) #4

At the moment they are just a fun way to invite friends. They don’t have a specific benefit.