Golden ticket bug when using Facebook Messenger


I sent a golden ticket to a friend and he says it’s already been claimed! I’ve not sent it to anyone else.

Can I get another one please?



You used to get a new one once your ticket was claimed, so this is odd. Maybe the behaviour has changed since prepaid? Might be worth pasting the claimed link here if you’re certain so it can be checked it’s not been used before.

I’ve PM’d you a working link in the meantime, though which might help temporarily.

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Hey :wave:

Did you send it via Facebook Messenger by any chance?

We’re aware of an issue that causes golden tickets sent via Messenger to look like they’ve been claimed because of the way it previews links :weary:

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I have had this issue also and I did send it by messenger

Ahhh… this explains a lot, going back to when I was offered a golden ticket by my friend. Good to know, thanks. :+1:

Thank you for sending the golden ticket. But I sent it via Facebook messenger and it turns out that causes it to be “claimed” when it’s previewed. :roll_eyes:

Please, would it be possible for you to send another and I’ll be sure to send it on with email instead.

Thanks again,


Hi Gary I’ve sent you a message you can have mine to send to your friend :slight_smile:


I’ve had that problem too. Can anyone help?

turns out I’ve had the same problem too :confused:

Hi all,

I sent my partner my golden ticket via Facebook messenger but when tries to access it it flags up saying it appears this has already been used?

I haven’t sent it to anyone else as I was waiting to send it to her so we can send money easily.

Any ideas or solutions?


Don’t send it via Facebook Messenger. It invalidates the link.

Contact Monzo in-app and they’ll reset it for you.

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Perhaps Monzo could actually put this instruction in the app? Would solve a lot of frustration.

Why would it invalidate it?! FB Messenger is the preferred way of messaging between many many people. Does sharing it through WhatsApp also invalidates it as that is also owned by Facebook and does smart previews as well. Sounds like right faf? :confused:

Yeah it should warn of that given the app allows external app sharing like Facebook Messenger etc, giving themselves more work at Monzo, and we don’t want that! :slight_smile: Will message in app.

Cheers for the replies.

Just to clarify, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger do both modify the link in ways that break it. It doesn’t invalidate the ticket though! You should be able to send the same ticket another way. :tada:

We’re looking at fixing the root cause but it requires a bit of a rebuild to the way these golden ticket links work and didn’t make the cut for development time before we wanted to turn them back on. :cry:


Fantastic, but why? This always irks me about Facebook (remember people, WhatsApp is Facebook), if I send someone a link, they seem to bounce it through some type of ad-tracking. Still, I always assumed once they finished their data-scraping/tracking/whatever they sent you back to the original link.

Do you know if they intend to modify it, or if their tracking system simply makes a mistake?

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There is some level of protection against perceived malicious sites/links and also for the smart-thumbnail preview of the link, I think.

Yes, but neither of those requires modifying the link you forward people on to.

I think they do some tracking for like content providers such as The Guardian so that they show in-depth analysis of what is being shared/clicked/opened etc.

Also it can be stripping javascript from links as means of protection (I don’t know if does that, but that is a known and common malicious attack as well).

More information on this rather outdated link that I found:

That’s great but why is there no message in app to explain this? Most of the users are not on the forum and therefore wouldn’t know this is the reason