Using the card abroad - have I got this all right?

(robcorradi) #1

In a couple of weeks i’m off to holiday to Ile de Ré in France for a fortnight.

I’m having a lengthy debate with my wife about whether we should get €900 in cash before heading out or to use my Mondo card. She’s not convinced Mondo’s the best option.

Just so i get my facts straight, am i right in understanding the following when using Mondo abroad?..

  1. There’s no commission charged.

  2. There’s no transaction fee.

  3. I need to request the money as Euros rather than GBP (something along those lines) the ATMs will give me this option.

  4. The exchange rate is Mastercard’s - the final rate is settled up to two days later.

  5. Mastercard rate is better than others

  6. Max i can take out of the wall per day is £250

  7. Max i can pay with the card in one go is £1000

Any other pros and cons i should be made aware of?

What would others do - cash € or Mondo card?

Thanks in advance!



That sounds pretty much spot on. I’m going to France in a couple of weeks and not planning on taking any cash with me and just rely on :mondo: however like you I have another half that isn’t so sure! :laughing:


Also, the max you can take out from an ATM in a month is £1000


Never take cash abroad any more, always use a card.

If an ATM abroad (or an ePOS terminal in a shop) offer to convert currency and do the transaction in GBP don’t and always pick the local currency be it EUR or whatever. The exchange rate they give is not as good as the one Mondo/MasterCard will give you

(Josh Bray) #5

Remember that mondo is in beta still so I would suggest taking another card with you.
Martin Lewis from money saving expert recommended the Halifax clarity and the post office premier. These both offer 0 fees so would be great in the unlikely event that you get stuck.

(Andrew Ross) #6

Just to add that I took my card to France and had no trouble at all. First rate!