Child Account card

is there a chance of a child/under 16s feature coming, I’d like to set up an account for my sister to start to slowly manage money, I’d put the money across like I would a pot and she has the card for it. Please Monzo also on another note please let me pay subscription from pots! I beg!

There aren’t any plans for either of your suggestions but be sure to search, find the existing topic and add your vote.

This is the best way to increase chances of it happening :+1:

In the meantime you could try HyperJar


They do a 16-17 card. If you’re desperate for monzo I’ll wait until you’re 16. In fact most banks require you to be 16 for it to be in your own name

That’s not true. Thirty years ago I had a debit card in my own name, when I was 13. You might need a parent or guardian with you to open an account, but it’ll be in your own name, and debit card from age 11 at most high street banks these days.


I had a full on visa debit card when I was 11 from natwest (they just ditched solo at the time).
(solo cards where switch cards that where issued to under 18’s and survied into the 2010’s unlike switch)

I’d go nationwide as they issue contactless cards to under 18’s unlike natwest who issue online auth forced chip and pin only cards.
Natwest, Nationwide and most other legacy banks do these accounts that are free unlike other solutions. (They pay intrest too!)
Those orange natwest cards issued to under 18’s tho. My brother got his renewed and its now just plain purple but non contactless.

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I can vouch for HSBC’s children’s debit cards too, they’re definitely contactless.

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I was just talking about this with my husband last night. We were looking at the ‘Go Henry’ cards but then thought how great it would be to have a Monzo pot for each of my girls (aged 9 and 7) for pocket money and things to go in and then issue them their own cards to use. They often do little jobs during the school holidays to earn money and then save to go on a shopping spree. It’s a great life lesson for them, learning about how to save and manage their money.

Apparently there is not enough profit in it to be of any interest, but as it is well documented l, it is apparently more likely that you’ll get divorced than switch banks, so I would have thought catching the kids is a great strategy for the future.

My old Da use to say to me, “you don’t get much firewood from an acorn”

It seems like a no grainer to me.

Every time this thread title pops up I’m thinking…

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For what it’s worth - I (and lots of others at Monzo) really want to do this!!

There’s a few core payments pieces that are currently being worked on that could enable this so once they’re done we’ll have to see.:crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


I think it’s a smart idea having a child account plus it lets you learn them about finances while young since school doesn’t really teach it you

Looks like a very posh bank

Hence the Tory comment

Think you need to take a look at your unconscious bias :thinking:


Is that your Child & Co card in Apple Pay? There’s so little info available about them online just that solicitors and barristers tend to use them and a MSE thread where some say you need to be a HNW individual and others say you just need to select a specific branch to get the Child branded card

I just want another piece of plastic in my card collection :laughing:

It’s a private account similar to Amex black.

You only really know the info if you’re a member but yes it has happy pay I checked on YouTube.

a) No you don’t.
b) No it doesn’t.

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In the case of Child’s maybe, but Drummonds is actually known for being ‘the Tory bank’, much loved by MPs and Lords, since it for a very long time held the accounts for the Conservative Party. Having a Drummonds account was a way to signify you were ‘in the club’ so to speak. Child’s doesn’t mean anything these days since anyone can get one, but Drummonds was actually ‘the Tory account’