Getting token for webhook

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Unless I’m missing something, is the only auth method oauth which requires a callback?

I was hoping to make a web-app to move VAT from incoming transaction on my business account to a VAT pot.

Have I missed something where I can just use a token?

Obviously I had my token in the play area - but I assume that’s PURELY a play area token? (As it returns no accounts)


Once you’ve got your access token through the oauth/callback mechanism you can just keep refreshing the token. There’s no need to go through the initial steps again.

With each run I can a whoami and check if all is still ok, if not I call a refresh and carry on.

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But I want my webhook to do it;

Do I have to request it via oauth to give to my hook app?



If you want to call any API endpoints as a result of the webhook then it looks like a yes, you’ll need an access token.

My app is a service and I ended up created a small website to handle grabbing my access token :neutral_face:

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This is weak.

I’ll try asking on slack

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As @Kumnaa said once your webhook is created, you no longer need a bearer token as Monzo start the message transaction.

However for you to turn that webhook into an API call to move funds into a pot (ie$pot_id/deposit) you will need a bearer token.

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Thanks chaps

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Guys - it was me, signed in with wrong email :man_facepalming: