Account Access Token

(Josh Blease) #1

In our office we’re wanting to start a “Milk Pot” to buy our milk/tea/coffee/jamie dodgers with.

My plan was to use my own monzo account for this and have my colleagues into it using the payment link for my own account. I wanted to create a sort of dashboard using the API to show the accounts balance and recent transactions. Is there anyway to allow the app to access my Monzo account using an access token, basically circumventing the OAuth faff.

I know Starling bank offer this sort of API access but I don’t want to leave Monzo for this convenience!


(Charlie Kelly) #2

Not at the moment as far as I know. The API isn’t really ‘production’ at the moment, and the docs show OAuth as the only auth method.



Once you’ve gone through the initial OAuth flow you get a token which you can refresh every so often to stay authenticated. You don’t need to go through the OAuth flow again.