Webhooks, OAuth and Bearer Tokens

Hi there,

I’m looking to develop a small app for personal use to help save money better. My idea is to schedule code to be ran at certain times and move money between pots. I have played with Postman and made successful requests to the API.

However I am worried about tokens being active for a finite amount of time. I would want my scheduled code to run at 1am daily, however the app would require me to manually give access to get a new access token.

Is there any way around this, as I’m pretty new to things like this, I develop mainly in React and React Native, so this section is a little further than my current skill set.

Thanks in advance.

I do this by doing the following

Setup a client
Call the Monzo end point to get an email
Take the code from the email and put it in my script.
The script calls the token end point to get the access token and refresh token (edit: authorise the access in app)
My code uses the access token until it gets a 401 response at which time I call the token end point again with the refresh token to get a new access token and refresh token

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