Getting push notifications of CA transactions on PP App?

(Alex Barrett) #1

Hello all,

I waited a few days to test this more just to check if I was going mad.
I’ve got my Pre Pay app installed on My Android Phone and also my iOS tablet.

However my Current Account app is ONLY installed on my Android phone.

So why then, am I getting push notifications of transactions coming through on my, Pre Pay app only, iOS device?
Are they actually linked in some way? The transactions don’t actually show up at all in the app but the notifications are shown alongside the Dark Blue pre-pay icon so there certainly isn’t a hidden Current Account app hiding in there somewhere.

Is this a “feature” I missed? Is it something I can turn off? because I got caught out the other day buying a cheeky Burger King by my wife who was at home using the iPad at the time :wink:


(Hugh) #2

This sounds very strange.

To clarify, you are getting current account notifications on a device with only the prepaid app on it?
If so, I recommend contacting support in the CA app.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

This is a known issue, one of the quirks of the preview versions of the app which will of course go away :soon:

I’m not aware of any way to stop it happening I’m afraid but the support team may have some more details.

If they do have a solution, it would be great to hear it :raised_hands:

(Alex Barrett) #4

Hi Hugh,

Yep that’s exactly it.

Thanks Alex. I’ll chuck it across to Support for their reference and just to highlight it but It’s not really a problem I was just confused as everything I’d read said it wasn’t possible to link the two apps so I was surprised when it seemed they were actually linked in some way.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I know that Starling uses a 3rd party service (Firebase, in case anyone’s interested in the techy details) to handle their notifications so perhaps Monzo does too. In which case, I guess there isn’t something in place to tell that service which of the app’s to send the notifications to..

(Rika Raybould) #6

For a little bit of reference, it’s a sort of known issue. It is related to us previously sending notifications to a user, not the account (important to note the difference between a user and an account, we mean an account in banking terms).

You can likely fix this by disabling and then enabling notifications in the in-app settings in both apps, this should cause the push notification tokens to be registered with an account type in our own notification service.

(Dale Graham) #7

So, an odd but not critical notification problem. I’ve had a quick scan of the FAQ but didn’t see it as a known issue.

I have the Current Account and a Top Up card. I’ve installed the Current Account app on my personal phone (Pixel) and have the Top Up card app installed on my work phone (iPhone 6s).

Whenever I deposit funds into either account or make any transactions on either of the cards, I simultaneously get notification updates on both phones.

I suppose both apps are registered to the same email address, but this seems like something that shouldn’t happen, given each app is related to a different bank account…

Hope that makes sense.

(Simon B) #8

Hi Dale!

Yes, at the moment there’s still some shared infrastructure on the back-end around notifications which causes this to happen. We’re aware of it and it’ll be sorted soon :grinning:

(Dale Graham) #9

Ah great stuff, thanks for the reply.

Just been digging through the forums and found another similar post - glad it wasn’t just me being awkward!

(John) #10

I’m an android user and have been from the start, recently switched jobs and they gave me an iPhone, so i decided to stick the prepaid monzo app on the iphone, just to have a look since i’ve never used it before and knew it had a few extra features.

Today i noticed when i made payments using my Monzo Current Account, i was getting lock screen notifications on the iPhone prepaid app for current account transactions. I only have the Monzo Current Account app installed on my Android phone.

So just to clarify, setup is

Nexus 6P - Android 8.0
Monzo Bank - Ver. 2.0.0-alpha3

iPhone 7 - IOS 11.0.3
Monzo - Ver 1.9.17

TL;DR - iPhone is showing notifications for purchases made on the Current Account, even though the current account app isn’t installed on the iPhone!

Apologies if this has been covered already, i did search but couldn’t find anything similar.

(Hugh) #11


I believe this a known issue - I can’t find the particular post but I have a definite feeling about it… :wink:

(Chris Rimell) #12

I think it’s because you are one customer with the pre-paid and CA preview linked to the same customer profile.

I guess the CA preview was only ever going to be a temporary situation so when you migrate officially to the CA (in the original Monzo app) the issue will be fixed forever.

(John) #13

Ah right i thought it may have been covered off

(John) #14

Makes sense, doesn’t bother me at all, was just something i thought worth flagging up incase it hadn’t been covered.

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