Current Account notifications appears on prepaid app on a different phone

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I’m an android user and have been from the start, recently switched jobs and they gave me an iPhone, so i decided to stick the prepaid monzo app on the iphone, just to have a look since i’ve never used it before and knew it had a few extra features.

Today i noticed when i made payments using my Monzo Current Account, i was getting lock screen notifications on the iPhone prepaid app for current account transactions. I only have the Monzo Current Account app installed on my Android phone.

So just to clarify, setup is

Nexus 6P - Android 8.0
Monzo Bank - Ver. 2.0.0-alpha3

iPhone 7 - IOS 11.0.3
Monzo - Ver 1.9.17

TL;DR - iPhone is showing notifications for purchases made on the Current Account, even though the current account app isn’t installed on the iPhone!

Apologies if this has been covered already, i did search but couldn’t find anything similar.

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Getting push notifications of CA transactions on PP App?
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