Kicking gf out

Need some advice. My gf, my ex now is living with me. It my mums house. Tried so many times to kick her out, and she won’t leave. She is no good for me, she is an alcholic and she is effecting my mental health big time, I am on anti depression tablets as it is. My friend called me this morning saying that she was spotted with a new boyfriend last night. An Albanian drug dealer apparently, yet she is still living in my room and sleeping in my bed… Feel disgusting. Every time I try and kick, she will say call the police as its a civil matter.
Any input would be nice

Change the locks?

All her stuff is still indoors and we can’t really change the locks as it’s a council place

I would call the council , anonymously maybe, and ask what your options are with changing the locks, maybe they can get a banning order or something especially if she’s caused damage to the property.

Police can’t deal with civil matters as it’s not criminal, I personally would throw the stuff out and let her call the police all she wants , if she’s not on the tenancy then I don’t think the police will do anything, although I don’t know the law well enough.

Is this a serious post?

Put all her belongings outside, lock the door and if she tries to get in, call the police.

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Will the police not take her side tho? In this counil property, it only my mum and me self that are allowed to live…
She is always drunk and will start screaming… Embarrassing in front of neighbours

This isn’t a discussion for a bank forum and strangers on the internet.

Go seek proper advice from the council and/or the police as the things you’re describing are complex and can have serious consequences. Especially if drug dealers and your mental health are in the mix as well.


Not if she is causing a disturbance.

Therefore, I put this in general chat. Apparently her new boy friend that she met is a drug dealer

She did threaten my mum once… So I can always tell the police that

If you don’t want to unilaterally kick her out simply give her a date to leave. Explain that on that date you will leave her belongings outside if she doesn’t remove them by that date. On that date, change the locks, dump the belongings on the doorstep and be strong. Point her towards the homeless section of the local council or Shelter in the meantime. If she is violent (physically or verbally) call the police and ask them to remove her.


To be honest, I don’t see why she just does not move with the new boyfriend…

Not even sure why my post is flagged, when I am asking for people’s opinions

It’s nothing to do with what section you posted this in :see_no_evil: It’s the seriousness and highly personal things you’re posting publicly and are asking the advice of people who don’t know the full picture.

Do as myself and others have suggested and seek advice from professionals.


Thought I’d seen it all, there’s better places than a monzo forum to be posting this, speak to CAB or the council or find a Facebook group to share to


I would take embarrassment over my mental health, just get it over and done with.

We hope that you’re okay Curtis and there’s some good advice provided in the Topic so far but no one is essentially an expert on this and we’d recommend reaching out to a professional to help with your situation🙏

With that in mind, I’ll close the Topic to allow you to get that professional advice rather than us guessing how you should deal with this.


If she isn’t entitled to live with you, don’t let her in.

The police won’t take her side.

Imagine I turned up and demanded to be let in, what do you think the police would do?