Getting fillings

In your experience did they use anaesthetic and how was it overall


Depends how deep they are.

Not so deep and you think you can stomach it… might be able to do it without the anaesthetic (done that once or twice).

If they are really bad, going to need the injection I’m afraid.

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If that’s what your dentist recommends then listen to him.

He is the expert and most importantly has seen your teeth! :see_no_evil:


Is this for real, are you seriously asking a bunch of strangers on a public forum for advice on your teeth?



Sorry I should have worded it differently.
I’m going to have teh fillings I just want to know if anaesthetic is used

Ask if he can give you laughing gas or similar before the injection



I think you should have them out. That way you don’t need to worry about decay or brushing them.

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It doesn’t matter how it is worded. You need to speak to your dentist and ask him/her.

We’re not dentists, we’ve not seen your teeth and you shouldn’t get medical advice from the internet, never mind a bank forum.


This is a bank forum!? No wonder I’ve been waiting since December for a check-up.


The injections are practically painless, you just get a weird feeling as the anaesthetic goes in. If you can deal with a tattoo, you can deal with them! Trust me. You can’t even see them going into your mouth usually from memory, the angles mean you barely see the dentists hands let alone anything that might cause anxiety.

Most dentists will have training in nervous patients, or a colleague who is, who can go very slowly for you and reassure you (if your dentist doesn’t mention such a thing on their website, maybe look for someone else who does).


Cool thanks mate

I’ve had four teeth out before when i was in school so shouldn’t be a problem. Just wanted to see if anyone else had had fillings

The injections to numb you are absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m not keen on needles but you hardly feel it.

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Let’s settle down.

@Venomx I’ve noticed a few posts from you asking for general advice and opinions on things. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, be careful on asking personal questions like this. Healthcare professionals have already given you the advice you require. Maybe a better question is: People who have had teeth out or fillings, what was your experience? This way no one will make the decision for you but you will be better informed on what the procedure is like and what you can expect.


Pretty much the same advice I gave him a few months back but yours is worded better :+1:


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