Get statement online so I can put in spreadsheet

(nigel dodd) #1

Does Monzo yet have the ability to view a statement online and download to a Google sheet or similar? I need this before I can use Monzo seriously.


There may be Monzo functionality that replaces the spreadsheet. Can i ask what you use it for?

(nigel dodd) #3

I like to keep all my finances in one place. Banks, typically, are a pain
to log in to and even worse to get your statement in a sensible csv format
or something easy to load into a spreadsheet. I don’t want to have to use
some proprietary cludge to reconcile my accounts. A spreadsheet is ideal.
Keep it simple.


Typically, yes - they have been a pain. The whole point of Monzo and apps like Emma is that it shouldn’t be a pain any more. Have you seen Emma? It doesn’t have all the banks and credit cards on yet, but they are expanding all the time…and it does have Monzo. Copying every one of my accounts into a spreadsheet would be way more of a pain.

(nigel dodd) #5

I am glad you like Emma. For me, I just like to keep things simple and
reconcile my accounts in a spreadsheet together with all my other financial

(James Murray-Ferris) #6

You can export as CSV to your email and just mail it to yourself

(nigel dodd) #7

From which screen do I export csv? Home, Spending … ? Which one please?

(Stephen Early) #8

Spending. There’s a little “cloud with arrow pointing down” symbol at the top right. (At least, there is for me on Android!) You can save the CSV file straight to Google Drive.

…I’m not sure what you can do with it after that. Google Sheets doesn’t appear to support CSV import?

(James Murray-Ferris) #9

Spending tab and then the “share” icon if you’re using iOS so square with an arrow pointing up

(nigel dodd) #10

thanks. Yes, that works.

(nigel dodd) #11

thanks, everybody. I have got the statement into a Google sheet. I am
wrestling with search and replace to get the date format into something
sufficiently standard for Google sheets to understand as a date.